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Alien ship lands. An emissary disembarks and reads, "Take me to your realed." What do you do?

Asked by ETpro (34151 points ) December 31st, 2013

It’s New Year’s Eve and time for a bit of silliness.

Do you assume the alien is dyslexic and read leader but saw it as realed? Do you try to figure out what a realed is? Do you blast him with your disintegrator ray, and follow up by incinerating his ship? Or do you blast him with the best mind alterants at hand, and settle down to get to know WTF he’s talking about? New Year’s is coming up. It’s time to update the Alien Invasion Playbook. What does your playbook say?

Happy New Year!

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Mod him:
“Your question has too many typos. No biggie! Just fix them and no one will be the wiser.
There’s not really a question in your question. See if you can reword it so that you’re asking something”

That should get rid of him

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Well, he obviously would want the leader, not the realed, but he as the front of the word in the back, and the back of the word in the front.
So we would look for a leader whose got his ass where his mouth should be.

John Boehner?
Joe Biden?

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You take him to the shrine of your favorite D*g.

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I would be extremely surprised by the fact the alien spoke… English, so much that I don’t believe worrying about who/what realed is would be my first thought!

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Illegal immigrants?

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I would lowemoc him to Rathe.

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Find away to tax them. Spaceship landing fees, parking fees, visas, permits etc…

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After evacuating my bowels I would pass out. That would be a frightening thing to experience.

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Send him back to Earth.

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Knowing me, I’d sit down and talk (much like with a celebrity in RL) and ask all kinds of questions, he’d get impatient with my curiousity and throw me in his ship’s

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I’d just want to know how his ship works.

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Also, I guess I’d be relieved that he hadn’t said, “Take me to your dealer.”

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How is he pronouncing it?

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@ETpro your Q made me think of this!

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Play safe and declare awr.

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I think we get them to our leaders.
Happy new year everyone.
Considering all the new planets and technology that day may come sooner than we think. I have been reading about Hubble’s discoveries.

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@thorninmud And if that fails, RUN!

@filmfann Ha! GA.

@gailcalled Luckily, I believe in Dog.

@kounoupi Great point. Just the fact that such an event occurred would probably derail my conscious mind and render any words the visitor spoke pretty meaningless to me.

@bolwerk One more VERY BIG fence to build.

@glacial Em oot!

@Lightlyseared Think like a Democrat / Republican politician.

@flip86 I tend to agree. It would frighten me. :-)

@ragingloli But he came here all the way from Htrae.

@KNOWITALL In real life, that’s exactly what I would do too. Great Answer!

@ARE_you_kidding_me Amen my friend. That would be high on my agenda too, knowing what vast distances are involved in getting to ANY other habitable planet, and how one traverses them in a lifetime.

@glacial ARE you kidding me? Pun intended. If he didn’t say dealer, why assume that’s what he meant?

@ccrow That beer add is an absolute classic, What a great answer to this question; Thanks and Happy New Year.

@uberbatman Outstanding link to the world of Goldfish. That’s got to prevail. F**k lizards, however painful doing so may be. It’s reptiles versus mammals.

@flutherother If they just flew across 80 or more light years if space, and arrived alive, that would arguably be a very bad idea.

@philosopher Truth!

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I hope that perhaps alien contact might encourage humanity to behave better towards fellow humans.
I think the odds are an advance civilization has observed us in space and on Earth. We have not been contacted because we are still too primitive.

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@philosopher The probability of that is small, but real. And should they observe us, which I am sure they would before contact, they might reasonably reach that conclusion.

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And if they observed you, they would not ask you to take them to your leader.
1. Earth is splintered into about 200 independent countries without a unified global government, much less a singular “leader”.
2. Many of those countries are run, officially, democratically, so there are no leaders, only representatives and figure heads.
3. If they observed you more closely, they would know that unofficially, countries are run by corporate oligarchies, and they would know that the general populace is unaware of that fact.

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Buzz Aldrin said, he was observed in space. Others have said, this.
We have No conclusive proof but, I think it is true.
The governments know much they will not tell us. People would be fearful. I would be afraid too.
Sadly humanity is not civilized enough for an advance face to want to contact us. I hope that can eventually change.

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I apologize for my typo. Race.

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@philosopher Aldrin may be right, or his senses may have deceived him. I do not accept anecdotal evidence because our senses so often fool us. I am even suspicious of what I think I see for myself for this reason.

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Yes I have heard this too. Even people who study psychology are not clear on this issue. I heard that other astronauts experienced similar things. Science Channel has shows about these subjects.
I am not the type of person to accept anything without documentation. The preponderance of evidence does support that astronauts are being observed. In some cases judges go with the preponderance of evidence.
In time we will know more. I have been reading about all scientist will be working on this year.
Happy new year everyone.
This is interesting.

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@philosopher Since I tend to weight eyewitness accounts very low, and since the astronauts that “saw something” had no clue what they were seeing, I would stop WAY short of saying that the preponderance of the evidence says astronauts are being observed. The Science Channel is a but more credible today than the History Channel, but not much.

Indeed, we will probably know. I will withhold belief till then.

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Only time will tell.
What makes me sad is that if, I were them I would not wish to be involved with people who still kill each other or; resolve disputes through war.
A species who could come to Earth would have technology beyond what we will have for decades. They could cure most diseases and neurological disorders humanity has. They could help us and guide us. They could destroy us if, they wanted to. They could help us explore the universe.
We could use the help of benevolent aliens. Who probably were once like us but, survived.

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@philosopher I will agree that any aliens able to travel to Earth would have to travel at least 50 light years or more. Their technology would thus have to be far beyond anything we have, but their biology might be so different they would need considerable time to work out how to provide us any meaningful help with medical advances worthwhile to humanity.

Now, as to likelihood, the SETI project has swept the Milky Way for 40,000 light years looking for radio signals that are not of natural origin. To date, it has found none. Our Galaxy is 100,000 light years in diameter, but what technology would it take to make an exploratory trip of over 40,000 light years? To put that in perspective, Voyager 1 was launched 336 years, 4 months ago as of 5 January 2014. It is traveling away from our Sun at 17,043 m/s (38,120 mph). It’s gotten 0.002 light years in all that time.

There’s another problem. We’re sending out radio messages saying “We’re here, and intelligent. Come visit us.” It will take the radio signal traveling at the speed of light 40,000 years to reach any intelligent life at the edge of the SETI sweep. Let’s say they receive our message and decide to visit Earth. Let’s be generous and say they have mastered light speed travel. To an observer on their ship, the trip to Earth will take 0 seconds. But to an observer on Earth, it will take 40,000 years. Will anyone still be here to welcome them?

It’s extremely difficult, to the point of being nearly impossible, to bend the human mind around the absolute vastness of the cosmos. But you need to do that to realize how vanishingly small the likelihood of first contact is.

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I am a positive person with an active imagination.
This weeks snow was about a future were we can read mines. I have not found it on line yet.
Happy Sunday.

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@philosopher If I can red mines, I’m looking for a diamond mine. But being at least somewhat able to read minds, I don’t think you meant mines.

This weeks snow [sic] was about a future were we can read mines [sic]. What are you on? I want some. Happy Sunday Monday to you too! :-)

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@philosopher Make that “red” into “read”.

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I make typos. I am more concerned with quality thought or content.
I question everything and imagine all possibilities.

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