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Do you remove the skin from salmon before baking or broiling?

Asked by 2davidc8 (6472 points ) July 10th, 2014

As asked.


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I don’t. It usually comes right off after it’s cooked.

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Skin on. Helps keep it from drying out and becoming icky salmon-paste or salmon-sawdust , which can happen in a matter of seconds if you aren’t babysitting your skinless salmon filets.

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No. Peels off easily after cooking.

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I don’t. Sometimes it comes without the skin, but if it comes with the skin on I just leave it on for cooking.

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Same here – it falls off when I take it out of the oven.

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Just make sure to remove the “pin bones” in the flesh. Skin is fine to cook on.

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The skin is my favorite part. I do my best to make it crispy, especially on the grill or pan seared.

I’ve never baked salmon, and probably never will. I prefer high heat, fast cook methods that sear in the juices and crisp the skin.

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I’m with ibstubro. I usually fry it and the skin is kind of essential to getting a good cook.

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I have the butcher do it.

But generally i feel that cooking is the worst thing to happen to meat.

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OK, the consensus is to leave the skin on. Thank you all for replying.
@ibstubro I’m ready to try your method! On the grill, eh?

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Yes, on the grill, @2davidc8. If you wish to keep the skin on, I suggest marinating. Traditionally I use olive oil and lemon juice mixed with spices. Cavander’s (sp?) Greek seasoning (available at Walmart here, and a family tradition since before Walmart existed) is a personal favorite. I can’t get the skin to stay on if I don’t marinate.

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Skin on – if it comes out crispy ( @ibstubro ) I eat it, if it falls off, I nibble bits of it and leave the rest on my plate.

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No, I don’t. Salmon skin is really good after it’s been baked.

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