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Have you given money to a Buddhist monk or would you consider it?

Asked by Aster (15299 points ) 3 days ago

I’ve been goofing off and reading about Buddhism. I’ve learned quite a bit. I have zero interest in becoming a monk but I wondered if anyone gives money to them for medical treatment for example. Do you hold them in high esteem and feel that providing them with meals , which is the only way they can eat except for foraging for berries, is a good and moral thing to do because of their alleged holiness, simple living and celibacy?

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When I visited a Buddhist temple in China I gave some money to a guy at the entrance. I don’t know if he was a Buddhist monk or a beggar, perhaps both. Anyway when I left hours later among crowds of people to my surprise he looked at me and smiled.

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We met a guy who was in training to become a monk and took him out to dinner. Man, that boy could eat !!!!

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Buying their things in pretty much giving them money.

And that’s what I always do when I go to a pagoda.

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It should be noted that there are many different Buddhist traditions, and not all of them have rules about only being able to eat what is offered to them, etc. Not all have rules about celibacy ether.

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I give money to all sorts of mendicants; if I met a Buddhist monk in need I would assist him as best I could.

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