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What would life be like if humans could breathe in space?

Asked by shpadoinklesue (52 points ) 2 months ago from iPhone

Someone awesome, @ibstubro, suggested I ask this, and I’m glad they did. I’ll admit, I know little of the science involved. So, I’ll keep it simple. What differences would there be if we didn’t need a breathing apparatus or had something a little more Starlord-esque to play with.

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This might become a standard way to get around.

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Human wouldn’t worry about global warming, polution, meteor attacks… anymore.

Or maybe the space would be poluted instead.

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Speed would become of paramount importance. If we didn’t have to worry about sustaining an Earth-like environment in space, out goal would be some place else, fast. Humans would want to begin raping and pillaging our solar system ASAP, with an eye toward reaching other systems as soon as possible.

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No different. They’d still have to get up there, maintain orbital speed or continue to match the speed of gravity and not fall back to Earth. And in so many places it isn’t just the air or lack of it, it is the extreme temperature in sunshine and/or shade, and solar radiation/sunburn.

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I say not very different. It’s not like getting into space and back is easy with today’s technology.

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