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Shortcuts to the Holland Tunnel from the east side of Manhattan?

Asked by lrk (757 points ) December 26th, 2008

What’s the fastest way to get from the east side of Manhattan (around 20th street or so) to the Holland Tunnel, in high traffic conditions? I usually head down to Houston Street to West Broadway to Watts Street.

Does anyone else have shortcuts they take?

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Hot air balloon, hang glider, helicopter. New York traffic is always a nightmare. One of my worst memories of living in the city was being trapped in traffic while in the tunnel. I’d rather swim across the river now.

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Canal street? I usually just take canal all the way. I’m pretty good at bobbing and weaving thru traffic anyway…

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From 20th street, I’d say take the Lincoln tunnel – it’s closer with better shortcuts.

For the Holland Tunnel, head down 5th ave and then weave your way from 8th Street (Washington Square North) to the entrance off of 7th ave – you’ll miss the 7th ave traffic. (But, you know, you’ll still be in traffic a while, just less of a while.)

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@amurph, heading to EWR, any time gained going to the Lincoln would be negated by the distance travel in NJ, right?

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Hmmmm. The time will probably be negated. But I generally avoid the Lincoln tunnel (while leaving Manhattan) like the plague.

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