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Are you a daydreamer?

Asked by valdasta (2091 points ) November 30th, 2009

What do you find yourself daydreaming about?
Do you have the same reoccurring dream?
Do you just zone-out without any dream…just blank?
Do you find yourself going over possible scenarios over and over again?
Does your dreaming ever turn out the way it plays out in your head?

Do you spend more time in reality or in your “dream-world”?

There are more questions that I am interested in discussing when it comes to daydreaming, but this will do for now.

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Yes, a little too much I think. I often daydream about things I’d like to do or complete, yet they never seem to get done…

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I’m sorry were you you saying something?
I was daydreaming

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I used to daydream that I was on a late night talk show with Conan O’Brien and that he was very interested in what I had to say. I don’t really do that anymore though.

I daydream about all the good things that could happen in the future, like finishing a novel and seeing it published, getting into one of the top graduate programs for English, and so on.

And then on occasion I daydream about sex.

I definitely spend more time in my ‘dream-world’, for better or for worse.

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Have you ever daydreamed about daydreaming?

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Daydreaming is my most treasured pastime. I admit it doesn’t help me with my job, but I find it keeps me creative. I don’t want to stop though, in fact I’ve applied for a job which stimulates it more.
anyhow, back to topic. I daydream about inventions, the future (both near and distant), our soon to buy house, my girlfriend. All of them cherished, all of them lingering.

edit: Since I can’t recall the last time I’ve dreamt while in bed, I feel lucky to be daydreaming.

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I do from time to time but not regularly, and it’s never “daydreaming” in the traditional sense. I’ll do work in my head. Think of ways to analyze my data, think about searching for a new apartment, think about the homework I have to do, write to-do lists or grocery lists… I never have the fantasy kind of daydreams. I’ll be totally and completely zoned out and in my own world though, so I think it’s the same thing. Just less fun? :)

Ok, ok… OCCASIONALLY I’ll daydream about sex. But usually it’s remembering great sex I’ve had and replaying it, not imagining new stuff. The only time I ever did this on a regular basis was in organic chemistry. Otherwise, my daydreams are almost all work, and rarely play.

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Daydreamer, sitting on the sea
Soaking up the sun he is a real lover,
Making up the past
And feeling up his girl like he’s never felt her figure before
A jaw dropper
Looks good when he when he walks,
He is the subject of their talk
He would be hard to chase,
But good to catch
And he could change the world with his hands behind his back,

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Yes. To be open & honest (since this is one of the benefits of the anonynity of the site) I often daydream about what I imagine it would be like to be pregnant or have a baby, but as I’m soon to be 46 yrs old & still childless, it usually only makes me sad so I try not to let my mind go there.

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I try to remain in the moment as much as possible but every now and then I do start to drift off. I usually daydream about nothing. My mind goes blank and I space out.

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That’s how I often get thru waiting for appts, a long drive or plane trips. My daydreams always involve something nice happening to me!!

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All the time! Usually sex, or reliving past sexual encounters. Also fame (publishing my first book, my idea for a tv show actually happening, etc.). But usually sex.

I definitely go over scenarios again and again, sometimes exactly the same, sometimes I alter them. Scenarios do sometimes play out in reality as they do in my head. Especially sex ones, I’ll come up with killer pickup lines or cute things to say in bed, practice in my head, then they go over quite well in real life:)

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I don’t day dream about anything specific, but I’d do day dream all the time. Like, all. The. Time.

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The real question is when am I not daydreaming?

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I’m not sure I would call it daydreaming. What I do is more like ‘planning’ or ‘wishing’, such as when I plan dinner, I think about how I will fix it and what I will need. I spend some time looking at my family pictures and wishing the kids were still here (or remembering the happy times when my sons were little). Sometimes I go out in the backyard by the pool and sit in my lounge chair and soak up the sun. I don’t think of anything then, except how good it feels.

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I’m much more focused than I used to be. I wish I wasn’t though, because I used to have a wild imagination. I can’t say that I have ever had recurring daydreams, but I have certainly had recurring “normal” dreams – an innumerable amount of dreams that always involved the loss of my teeth.

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*I do day dream, probably more than I should, sometimes when I’m reading a book I visualize the scene taking place and I’m in it, sometimes watching from a far, sometimes I’m involved in the action.
* I do have a reoccurring nightmare of my family dying in a car accident and I’m in my aunt’s custody whom I can’t stand and I’m fighting for my brother’s custody because she’s so awful.
*At times when I’m absolutely exhausted I just pass out, no dreaming, just sleeping.
* At times when I regret something I said or did and I beat myself up over what I should of said/did instead.
*Nope, I wish things turn out one way but they usually turn out the opposite, perhaps I should hope the worst happens and the opposite will occur. wishful thinking on my part.
* More dream world I’m usually reading and that’s when it occurrs the most when I read and imagine watching everything happen as it does in the book.

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I daydream all the time…. Its so much nicer than real life

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uh – sorry; what was the question?

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I daydream constantly. In my mind, my life is like a movie.. complete with antagonists and the lot. I’m often bored of reality and pine for the world I always hoped would be.

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I zone out all the time. It’s not usually daydreaming proper, but rather just thinking about something more interesting.
It’s a bit bothersome when I do it while someone is expecting me to know what they were saying afterwards.

I often zone out while I’m daydreaming, too. But I guess that’s more like digressing.
For example I’ll be imagining a conversation with someone, then end up thinking about something else, and then have to remember what I was saying again.

I rehearse conversations in my head a lot, as a bad habit. It’s bothersome too, because when I get into the conversation I was thinking about and say what I thought of earlier, it will sound contrived and unspontaneous to me.

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@Fyrius Your deffinition of “zoning out” is interresting. Different than what I understand it to be. When I zone out, I am thinking/concentrating, but about nothing.

I hear ya on the ole’ “can-you-say-that-again-I-was-in-my-own-world” bit.

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@Fyrius – If they expect you to know it afterwards, they should make it more interesting.

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My sources tell me “zoning out” could mean either thinking about nothing or thinking about something else.

I’ll tell them.

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I am a big daydreamer. I daydream about being rich, powerful, sexy super model like, sex, revenge, being popular. I dream just about anything.I daydream more when I have not slept that well. I am sort of out of it.

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I always try to daydream what I’d feel if I vanish into atoms and molecules….am I still capable of thinking? breathing? or do I only exist in the air, just exist and feel nothing?

Anyway,wasting time is always a big part of my day,cuz I’m that type of person who can’t concentrate long enough to get anything done.

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