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For those who believe Heaven will be boring, why do you think so?

Asked by Aster (19114points) October 11th, 2010

Are the paintings of angels with wings playing harps the reason you think Heaven will be dull?
Or do you owe your opinion to certain Bible verses in particular?

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For those who believe Heaven will be boring, why do you think so?

I don’t like going to church. I don’t play a stringed instrument. I don’t have wings.

What else goes on up there?

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I want wings!!! Plug in my harp and let’s boogie. Boring? Au contraire. And hell sucks.

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@FutureMemory You would get to be with people who have passed on before you but I don’t wish to defend my belief right now. And I think that alone would be terrific. You may get to meet Jesus!!! That alone would be the ultimate ultimate, for me!

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@ucme Whaaaat?? Jellies on youtube? I can’t believe it!!

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It would not be boring, it would be torture. The only difference between heaven or hell is heaven would be enjoyable for the first trillion or so years. but once it gets to the point that you want to die but cant, they become the same thing, a punishment.

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If in Heaven you have eternal happiness, then you will not feel boredom. I’ve heard people say before “I wouldn’t want to be happy all the time, because then I’d get bored”. Being bored is not being happy. If you were happy all the time, you would not experience boredom. That’s just assuming that’s what Heaven is like. Obviously I have no idea.

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@poisonedantidote “It would not be boring, it would be torture. The only difference between heaven or hell is heaven would be enjoyable for the first trillion or so years.”
Heaven is not heaven if it’s torture. No one would be in torture for a trillion years. If you really, sincerely think Heaven is a torturous place, then I can understand why you’d dread going there. Not only that, you’re saying Jesus Christ lives in torture.
And all our “dead” loved ones are in torture. scratches head
Maybe you really want what you may never get: someone to assure you that Heaven is a wonderful place, that they’ve been there or you’re determined to believe the opposite!

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@Aster Being able to be with dead relatives and friends would be wonderful. I’m starting to see why the concept is so attractive.

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@Aster Im not saying heaven is torture, rather that it would become torture. because of the element of eternity. after you have lived for a googolplex of millenia, it would not even be half way towards being finished.

look at it this way, imagine i put you in a fair ground for eternity, eventually, you would have been on all the rides, seen all the shows, done everything there is to do. now imagine that you want to leave the fair ground, but never will be able to.

if it is in heaven, or in hell, existing forever in a conscious state will always become torture. not only that, it would become the ultimate torture, the worst torture possible, therefore, indistinguishable from hell.

imagine a 1 followed by a trillion zeros, and each unit in that number represents a trillion years. and you have been in heaven for that long, it is not even half way to the end, in fact, its as good as having just got there because the path ahead is eternal, and by comparison, you have not even started. maybe that is not long enough for you to want to leave, if thats the case, multiply it by a billion, if its still not long enough, multiply it by a billion again, and again and again, and again, until you have done it all, until you want to leave but cant. at that moment, it becomes a torture.

there are two possibilities.

1— i exist as i am in heaven forever, so long, that all i want is to die and cant, in other words, a torture.

2— i am fundamentaly altered in some way to make me compatible with existing for eternity, and in that case, i would no longer be me.

so really, you either never go to heaven because what goes to heaven is an altered version of you that is not really you, or, you eventually wish for a death that will never come and suffer forever.

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@FutureMemory PM me if you’d like to chat about it with me. I’d love to talk; I’d try and answer questions but, believe me, I am no expert! I’d learn something, too! A.

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@poisonedantidote Here is what I think and Lord knows, I have no basis for it: I believe that the experience of what we label Heaven could be like a chemical thing . I do not do drugs, not bragging about it, very close to family who do. But I have read about certain drugs that give you a high that is impossible to duplicate in any other way; a true Paradise. I think Heaven could be that feeling, interspersed with interactions with people who you’ve missed, who have moved on , sprinkled with Total Knowledge of a Higher Power including visions of Him (sorry about the “Him” part ). I do not have any firm feelings about this; I’m going by experiences this grandmother has had more than once and stuff I’ve read and continue to read. There are drugs out there that a person could never get tired of , that are very harmful here but there would be true Ecstasy.
I’d better be quiet now before they take me away. lol

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I wouldn’t say “boring.” It just doesn’t appeal to me. I don’t want any kind of eternal consciousness of any sort. I just want a good, old, fade to black. That’s all, folks. I know that many will disagree with that sentiment, but that is most appealing to me. If heaven is an eternity of nothingness.. sounds alright to me. Otherwise, I’m not interested.

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@Aster well, when talking about heaven anything is possible i guess.

but, if i supose that i had this feeling while i was there, this feeling of paradise. then, that would really be an alteration of me. of what i see as “i, me, self”. it would be an alteration of of my essence, and i as i exist now, would not consider that to be me.

on the matter of drugs, i can tell you that you are not missing out on anything. i have personally tried most of them, except for heroin and a couple of rare hard to find ones. they are over rated. the only one i have ever found that i like, is cannabis.

ecstacy is like being infatuated, except that it is unpredictable and you can become angry at any moment without reason. acid is like really concentrating on a simple thing, like finding a pattern curious or a curious sound or something. cocain is like sucking a lemon when you have a cold (seriously, its a total waste), and they all leave you feeling odd the next day. so yea, you really are not missing out on anything by avoiding them

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The saying that ‘all the cool people are going to hell’ is in jest – I say it not because I actually think heaven is boring and hell is fun but because I believe in neither and it’s all kind of ridiculous.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir “it’s all kind of ridiculous.” Spoken like a True Scientist. Well done!

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1) Being with Jesus Christ (our apparent Lord and Saviour) isn’t such a big deal to me, so that doesn’t excite me.
2) I don’t have any dead relatives with whom I want to reconnect.
3) Any other people with whom I’d like to connect, are the kind of people who’ve been guaranteed an eternity of burning in Hell by many, many Christians. So I don’t expect to see them in Heaven (assuming I somehow got to Heaven).
4) there are other famous that I’d never want to encounter, and especially wouldn’t want to be with them for eternity. But they have been guaranteed a lifetime of paradise in Heaven by many, many Christians.
5) I’m not into harps. They’re not a great instrument.

I’m not entirely sure how I could have eternal bliss if the people I do want to be with aren’t there, and the people I don’t want to be with are.

Other than that, I can’t get excited for Heaven because I never hear any non-vague descriptors of Heaven, just variations of the things you’ve said. Happiness, reconnection, eternity. What kind of stuff happens in Heaven? What kind of stuff can you do in Heaven?

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@Sarcasm Please don’t be offended if I find your last questions adorable. sorry; I can’t help myself. If I were not such a skeptic and a huge doubter and wanted to know “what it’s like” I’d read those so-called non-fiction books by people who have allegedly been to Heaven and come back. All I can tell ya.

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Because Cliff Richard will be there, apparently.

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@Aster Hm, my atheism has nothing to do with my being a fan of science.

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I meant that making certain Atheistic statements is typical of highly educated persons who are usually scientifically minded.
I am well versed in how Atheists respond; I know a few personally.
Why do you often sound insulted when you’ve not been insulted?
Have a nice evening, Simone.

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@Aster Did I sound insulted? I think you’re reading into my comment. And you too, a nice evening.

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It’s not that Heaven would be boring per se, but rather that the general view of people on things like an afterlife or Heaven is that we live happily ever after, everything’s all happy and there won’t ever be things like problems, diseases or sorrow.
That might sound nice, but we wouldn’t be human anymore if we existed this way. Being human is what’s happening now, I can’t even imagine how different it would be if some very human aspects were taken away from our existence.
Heaven is too much of a human desire, and I certainly don’t advocate rape and murder, but wanting it or not, we probably wouldn’t know to cherish the good if it wasn’t for all the bad, and we wouldn’t know what is bad if there was no good.
Relatively speaking, anyways. Because besides knowing or figuring shit out, all we have left is instinct.

However, I’ve often heard that Heaven is a completely different thing than what most people define it as and that we would transcend into a totally different state. The same for Hell. It’s beyond us to even begin to imagine, let alone comprehend, what Heaven is.

Either way my point is that I don’t think we can exist in any other way that we do now, hell I don’t even think it would be possible for a human to go on forever and still be a human. I think the human brain isn’t adjusted for Heaven, so if it exists, I don’t really believe the whole harmony thing and rivers of honey where the lion sleeps by the antelope.
I mean, when I die, if I go to Heaven, am I still gonna be an alcoholic? Or will I become a child again, playing in dead leaves forever?

Initially Heaven sounds awesome, but to me it’s just a collection of human desires, regrets, memories and sorrows put into a belief system for us to go through life easier by looking forward to it and using that to make easier the follies which we’ve done. I’m pretty sure God is a lot more complex than that.
It sounds more like the vampire concept to me than salvation, anyways.

And honestly, seeing my dead dad freaks me out more than anything else. Is he gonna look like a zombie or something? Might be pretty cool if Heaven was fulla zombies lol.

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I’ll take back what I said about not being interested if heaven is actually full of zombies.

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@Aster non believeing heathen that you are :¬)

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Heaven will not be boring. My family s there. We are never boring. LOL

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@Aster You probally should have put this type of question in the general section and directed it to only people who specifically believe in heaven or some type of afterlife to keep many disrespectful yahoos from hi-jacking this thread for something that is very personal and important to some of us.

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