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Does the idea of "eternity" bother you?

Asked by jstringham21 (640points) June 16th, 2008

Does it bother you to think, “It will never end. My soul will NEVER die and the world/afterlife will go on FOREVER”.

It sure bugs me to think that there’s no end to existence.

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No it doesn’t bother me at all, I’m actually excited to get to spend eternity with God and his creation. Bible says that no one is able to conceive how awesome heaven is.

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I don’t think my soul will be around forever, because I can’t remember it being around twenty years ago. And if my soul keeps reincarnating, as long as I don’t remember a past life it can’t really bother me.

I kind of like the idea that after I die my essence might reemerge someplace else though. Life has more meaning if you never disappear completely from existence. Otherwise you’re gone and that’s all; you’re gone and forgotten.

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no it does not bother me. If things are eternal then I existed before this life in a better place. And when I die I’ll go to a better place. Now if I was stuck in this “Existence” that would suck.

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Tag-team puking JP!

Eternity doesn’t bother me since the human mind, a finite thing, can’t understand the infinite. It’s a cosmic catch-22, actually quite funny if you think about it.

Anyway, I’d rather have some BBQ.

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Wow, how grown-up of you to say something like that. It really shows your intelligence and maturity. Way to stay classy with that 8-year old answer. Next time, don’t even bother if you’re gonna give me that crap.

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The thing is we can’t even begin to comprehend eternity. It’s like a brain over load. Technically we will eternally exist, just not in this state. I mean even after we die and our body decompose we never disappear. Nothing ever disappear. As for an eternal soul, no one really knows the answer to that.

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@jstringham21: no need to be rude. We’re all in this crazy huge universe together, possibly for the rest of eternity, and once we start attacking each other like that we end up in hell, Sartre allusion, no exit, if that wasn’t the answer you were looking for, so be it.

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My response was directed towards seVen. I just hit the button a second to late. It was playing off this.

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In that case, same to you JP. Don’t puke at the beliefs of others.

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Don’t preach yours to me. I know seVen loves god. I don’t care. Most of the comments from seVen are preaching about how great the magic man in the sky is. It has hit the point that it feels like they want to convert the “godless heathens.” And I will call them on the bullshit. At least the dude on the corner gives me a sandwich before I get the “Jesus Loves Everyone” spiel.

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Look, I’m an atheist too; I stopped singing ‘Jesus Loves Me’ a while back, reason kicked in, and I let go of the all-powerful safety net. That doesn’t mean you have the right to go around smashing people’s beliefs. Sometimes atheists forget that belief in god is something that some people really believe in, not necessarily because they can’t think for themselves, but because they were brought up in a certain environment. If I had been brought up in a very religious household rather than a semi-religious one, I might still believe in god.

I was just trying to keep the peace.

Has it?

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I’m not really complaining about believing in god. I am bitching about damn near every comment being “Jesus Saves” and “Remember the heavenly father loves you.”

It feels like they have an agenda.

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I know what you mean, those answers usually don’t contribute to answering a question. I’m just going with my Sartre reference; we’re all in the room together, and some of the people in the room are going to push their religion, and there isn’t much anybody can do about it, except live with it. Otherwise we make hell for ourselves.

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I may still <puke> on occasion, it’s an involuntary reaction.

But I’ll clean it up. :x

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Yes the idea of me living for eternity is scary. I think the sun will get me in a couple billion years, however. I think souls begin to break down at about 4500 degrees.

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Not really. If I generally enjoy existence now, why wouldn’t I want to continue for another day? If I that day were good why wouldn’t I want it to continue for another? (and so on)

I could understand wanting to end your existence because you were in some kind of eternal agony, or if you couldn’t stand the monotony. But to want to end your own existence because you were tired of existing? Not me. I’m curious enough that I think I’d always wanted to know what’s going to happen next.

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eternity actually sounds interesting, that’s to individuals who are intrigued for what lays ahead in the near or far future that is if in fact there may be a future, no one really knows all we have are ideas based on what we hear, read, or see from other sources. Overall eternity sounds like an interesting topic.

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Its impossible for our tiny brains to truly conceive “eternity”.

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I want to live in eternal and everlasting peace :-)
I have to agree with JP and Taco. The preaching is becoming a little redundant.

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Well said.

“I’m not really complaining about believing in god. I am bitching about damn near every comment being “Jesus Saves” and “Remember the heavenly father loves you.”
It feels like they have an agenda.”

Possibly the most sensible thing I’ve read in a while. And he’s right, every other answer is God saves this, and Jesus loves that. If we have to listen to that, then johnpowell should be allowed vocalise his disagreement. Saves me doing it.

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I agree with osullivanbr and co even though I belive in God and the bible I would never push my views on to somebody else as they might not agree with me and they have every right to disagree after all my beliefs are my beliefs

As for eternity I would like to think my soul spirit would live on as long as there was entertainment in the afterlife

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My head hurts if I think about “Eternity.”


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Imagine watching the Earth as a TV show. So much is happening just this minute. Now consider that eternity is longer than every minute going back to the building of the Pyramids (2000 BC maybe). That’s just the start of eternity. Just imagine the wondrous things you’ll witness in the future.

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I simply won’t die. We are close to the Singularity and thus will have consciousness extended well beyond our current substrate.

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It’s a stone groove to be in the eternal right now.

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The idea of eternity doesn’t bother me at all.

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Eternity is difined as “infinate or unending time” which, by the limits of the human mind would be a paradox or rather more of an abstract paradox. We understand that everything with an end had a beginning and everything with a beginning has an end. So to say time will go on forever is to say it never started.

Thus, long story short because I have lost interest in writing this, damn bi-polor syndrome, I say it does not bother me, because everything ends, in my belief, even Death. Death came first and it will be the last.

We all die. Everything dies.

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Eternity would suck because I’m sure the world would run out of Peanut M & M’s before I got sick of them.

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The human mind cannot comprehend “eternity.”

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