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Whats on your mind?

Asked by InkyAnn (2441points) October 12th, 2010

Alot of people ask other people for their thoughts, normally its on a specific subject. Not this time. I want to know what your thinking about right now, no matter how silly or pointless it maybe.

(Ive always been curious about what goes on in strangers heads that have nothing to do with what they are doing at that moment…)

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Making out. It is a direct result of a link that I just clicked, but now it’s stuck in my head.

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Im thinking about this post ” While you SCREAM at your woman,theres a man wishing he could whisper softly in her ear.While you HUMILIATE,OFFEND &INSULT her, theres a man wishing he could remind her how special & beautiful she is.While you HURTyour woman,there’s a man wishing he could take her pain away.While you make your woman CRY, there’s a man who wants to steal her smiles.Post this on your wall if you’re against Domestic Violence & Mental Abuse

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Right now I’m thinking it’s too early (it’s not even 8am yet) and it’s too damn cold in here. We had a frost last night. I think it’s time to start putting the heating on at night.

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@TheOnlyNeffie not to say your thought is funny but it did make me laugh, thank you

@downtide I couldnt agree more!! im in sweat pants, a hoodie and a blanket right now cuz my sister wont turn the heat on yet!!

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Check my temporary avatar.

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@zen_ your thinking about a naked back??

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Moving: Out of San Diego, out of California, out of the United States.
College: Studying abroad (and learning the appropriate language), transferring to a university, figuring out a major in which I feel certain.
Money: Making it, finding a source of it, spending it on a decent car.
All of the books I feel I should read, and shows/movies I feel I should watch.
And then just a little splash of thinking about finding people with whom I can relate, potentially female.

It’s a bit of a busy mind.

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@Inked_up_chic he’s thinking about a naked front, actually.

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Now? Right now? What am I thinking about?

Prove that thought exists, and I’ll share a secret with you.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies thing is do I want to know that secret?

@zen_ Thats just awesome

@TheOnlyNeffie yha that makes more sense lol

@Sarcasm wow thats alot to be thinking about… I hope you dont overload ^_^

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Wanting? Knowing? Can I hold those jewels in my hand?

No… you certainly don’t want me to, though you think(?) you do.

Now Here is nowhere.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies maybe its my brain injury or maybe im just dumb, but i have no fucking clue what in the hell your saying…

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I was painting something for my friend’s new baby thats on the way. Then I decided to take a break and fluther, so I’m thinking of my project. I’m still in it.

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@Deja_vu weird how we carry our “work” with us even when were taking a break from it huh? ^_^

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If I can’t touch it, smell it, see it, taste it, hear it… then does IT exist?

What are you asking me to put upon (what’s on) what you can’t prove exists (my mind)?

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@Inked_up_chic It’s not a break, it’s just a break away from it physically. Mentally, nope.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies would you have preferred if I stated my question ”what are you thinking about

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@Deja_vu im sure it will be wonderful!!

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies A person that confuses the hell out of me?? And apparently sucks the fun out of a generally entertaining question…

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You asked… I’m sorry my answers did not meet your satisfaction. Actually I gave no answers… I simply asked more questions, being inspired by yours. And being inspired by yours, I had fun. I wish… hope that one day you find it fun too… inspiring others to think freely as you do.

The gift is mine… Thank You!

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My back still hurts – into the 8th week. I’ve sent an e-mail to my doctor and waiting for response.

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@YARNLADY im sorry to hear that… hope all works out for you

@RealEyesRealizeRealLie um..if your not being a smart ass…your welcome?

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Kim Kardashian’s nipples. I find it inspires me to contemplate such things frequently.

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@ratboy LMAO thank you for that image thats now in my head ^_^

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Right now?? When the movie will come out about the Chilean mine rescue.

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@Hypocrisy_Central you really think there will be one?

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Three Miners rescued as of today!

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(I need to watch the News more)

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For now I’m thinking about going to bed after a long hard grave yard shift, I’m also toying with the idea of knocking one off before I turn over to sleep! But I just don’t know if I can be arsed!! ;-)
good night or good morning…. Whatever!! ;-/ SLEEEEEPPP>>>>>>>>>>>>>>……

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This computer monitor is too bright. Your going to get a headache. Your birthday kinda blowed. I expected it. I don’t talk enough on Fluther. I don’t have much to say. I wish I had the money to move west. You’d still have nothing to say. These people above me that are typing back & forth are distracting me & will make this large paragraph stand out. Shit, now people will see this & expect something grand. My typing can’t keep up with my thoughts. I need to stop using Fluther & do my real work. I think I use Fluther as a distraction. If I stopped, I’d have to take a look at myself & figure out what to do next. I’m not ready for that. I don’t like being an ‘adult’. I want to be 7 again. My biggest worry at 7 was whether or not my mother would finally buy me Dunkaroos. She never did. I feel guilty when I eat them now. I can’t be trusted. Should I stop? Maybe break into a new paragraph.

Good idea. I can’t stop now. This feels like that exercise I once did for my creative writing course. I liked it. Professor liked me. He told me law school was a bad idea. He was right. I don’t listen to enough people in my life. I’m too stubborn. Maybe that’s why I use Fluther. To help me open up to more ideas. That’s bullshit & you know it. It only sounds good. You’re stuck in your ways. You’ll never change. 3 people are watching me type. I’m nervous. They’ll read this, call you an ‘asshole’ under their breath & hate themselves for reading this shit thus far & skip over the lurve. I don’t blame them. Never really lurved what I have to say. Dropping out of college made you feel dumb, that’s why. You try to stay sharp by reading books & watching news & editing scripts. But really, you just new paragraph

Let your brain go. Look at these people typing in here. Kim Kardashian’s nipples. You’re going to look like a pretentious asshole with this rambling. There is nothing to be had in this. It is waste. For as long as Fluther lives, this inane typing will forever be stapled to your name. This is embarrassing. No one will possibly read this far. Even I would give up. I’m getting cold. I need heat. I want body heat. I wish I had a significant other. I want to love someone. I don’t feel loved. I’m such a pussy. I need to grow up. I’m emotionally stunted. Does a broken heart beat twice as fast? I sometimes get a strong pain in my heart. I haven’t told my parents about it. I once collapsed to the floor during a migraine. I didn’t tell anyone.

You need to wrap this up. I blame, Inked up chic. You don’t even know her. Why do I waste this much time on shit? You could have completed 30 pages of work, but instead you did this. I don’t know why you do it. I need someone. Someone to talk to. I want to listen to someone talk back. I miss high school. I miss Katie. You’ll never have another friend like that. I liked her freckles. You had freckles. They’re gone now. You need to stop

this & do some work. Your longest post will be this shit. I hate myself. I need to run in the rain. I miss college. You did laps on the soccer field every time it rained. It was nice. My mind shows no sign of slowing down. I should just end it. End it. End it. End it. I can’t, too much to think about. This is not your fucking personal journal. End it. This is probably riddled with typos. I don’t care. But they do. No one gives a shit. Delete this. Flag it. Insult someone. I couldn’t. I like the people here. You sound crazy. I don’t care. Your spirit is broken. You’re useless. You just said that to someone. This is a terrible place to stop. Come back another day. Write when you are happy. Show them you can smile. Katie liked your smile. I know. I’ll end it. End it now. I will. Just st

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@rpmpseudonym I LOVE IT!!! I dont use this word often and when I do its mostly out of context, but this thing you just wrote was epic!!! Id read pages upon pages of this shit from you! please anytime you feel like rambling feel free to ramble to me, and it makes me proud that you blame me for this lol.. you truly made my night…er morning ^_^

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@Inked_up_chic ‘Thank you’ doesn’t feel like enough. But it’s all I have. I mean it sincerely & I speak it slowly. Thank. You.

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@rpmpseudonym you my dear are ecstatically welcome!

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@Inked_up_chic There will be a rushed out version for Prime Time, then another better version for cable, then they will have a better for the anniversary in the theaters, what better way to kick off the holidays of 2011 than a feel-good movie? Not to mention the “Rescue Chilean Miners” video game.

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@rpmpseudonym Are you inside my brain? That’s exactly how I think! Rambling from one thing to another… an endless stream of consciousness. It can be a bear, huh? Don’t be so hard on yourself, dude. You’re kind of fabulous, you know? :)

Since I’ll never outdo @rpmpseudonym, I’ll try to keep it simple:

My left sinus is killing me. Did I take my medicine? I don’t think I did. I forget everything! Oh, man… I forgot to order the shirts. Again. Still need to finish the newsletter, need to work on that blog post. I really need several days worth of uninterrupted sleep. How on Earth am I going to be up on time tomorrow?

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I LOVE YOU ALL!! HAHA, this has been by far my fave post ive ever posted!!

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The time is very close to getting a new hip. About it…

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I’m thinking about gathering some kindling and going to the tailor. ;)

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It’s 7:26am and I am deeply unhappy.

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Sorry to hear that @mrentropy. Look on the bright side of life.hopes this cheers you up:)

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@rpmpseudonym I’d listen to you. I enjoyed your thoughts.

I’m thinking about what I will have for breakfast and if I will even eat anything. I love breakfast foods but I don’t like to eat in the mornings. I make myself do it. Often I end up throwing the breakfast up because my stomach just can’t handle food that early in the morning. Cereal sometimes helps. With fruit. Mmmm. And yogurt. Yummy. I’m thinking it’s only 6:30am in San Francisco and I wish I was in the same timezone so I could talk to Tim now. Tim. I don’t know how to explain how much he means to me. I know this is sappy. He’s always on my brain. I get to see him in 15 days. Wow. Things happened so quickly. Like a whirlwind romance. Those actually exist? I had no idea. I might fall for someone quickly but I don’t generally move quickly. You become extremely vulnerable then. I don’t like to show weakness. I hide my tears. You’ll never know if I am sad. I’ll always be smiling. Tim is wonderful. He doesn’t quite understand how wonderful he is but I will spend my life reinforcing the fact. Fifteen fucking days. Holy wow. I am not even hungry. I will likely eat lunch around 11:30. I think I will make pizza. Mmm. Healthy pizza with 5 different cheeses, fresh basil and tomatoes. I wonder if pumpkin would taste good on a pizza? I am freaking out about the future but in a good way. Tomorrow night is movie night! I don’t know if my friends on fluther know how much I care for them. I look forward to them every day. It takes hours for my hair to dry. I usually end up in the grocery store with wet hair. I don’t think I will run tonight. I’m happy I was able to jog last night and didn’t fuck up my knee again. I really love Tim. I’m happy.

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I’m thinking about how much I can’t wait until I get passed the morning sickness stage of pregnancy (and it better pass).

I’m also thinking that I need to go downstairs and adjust the thermostat, but that requires me to get up and right now I’m really comfortable and I don’t want to move.

I’m also thinking I need to get moving soon so that I can get my son ready for his doctor’s appointment.

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I’m thinking that I need to get dressed and run to Lowe’s to pick up some more stuff we need to work on the house. : )

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Thinking that I really need some caffeine because I haven’t had any this morning and I have such a bad headache I feel like I could pass out

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Right now I am cramming on writting a 400 word essay in Danish about my home country. I dont undrstand/speak/know that much of danish. Ive only had like 10 danish classes.

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About the dinner that i’m making. It’s a new fried rice japanese dish that i’m trying out, except i added rice spice when cooking the rice which i think will make the whole dish taste better. So i’m excited to try it out.

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I’m thinking about memorizing my lines for the play I have a small part in.

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AWESOME!! so is it safe to say that this was one of the most fun questions? I personally think so! Everyones answer are so interesting one you think ” this is what this person is also thinking about when I talk to them or they talk to me and I would have never known!”

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…about what to order from the Chinese for my tea as a congratulations for doing yet another days worth of studying for my exam, which I’m beginning to get pretty sick and tired of thinking about.. right about now… i just want it to be over…<sigh>

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Yes it was a very interesting question. Sometimes we think we are concentrating on one thing, but are in reality letting our mind wander to other things.

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I’m thinking about how snuggly cute my cat is right now and how I don’t wanna go back to work in an hour. BLAR

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now i’m thinking about what i’m thinking about… hmm.

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@Samantha_Rae metacognition!

thinking about how I’m glad that The Social Network movie is doing well. I thought it was great! (I came across an old question about Facebook)

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I am thinking how fucking awesome alcohol is when you’re happy and that I am fucking ready to move to San Francisco.

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I’m contemplating why there have been so many questions that go beyond vague topics recently. We have a chat room, ya know.

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I’m thinking about a post on another site where somebody misspelled “masturbate” three different ways in one paragraph and I’m wondering if somebody who can’t get it right after three tries should be entitled to do it? Or, if I should be happy he’s engaging in that activity instead of breeding.

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think everyone has been very involved in the miner rescue…. great to have some good news for a change!

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my exam this afternoon… actually that’s so not true… I’m thinking about love this morning and how it’s still possible….

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I am thinking of jam tarts.
Because I just had one.
And want another.

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I can’t tell you because he’s here somewhere but I don’t think he knows about this thread so ssshhhh :o)

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Today it is why female nipples, even the indent of them, are so evil and repugnant to most people.

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@c Just made me start thinking about what jam tarts are.

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