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Is there a way I can be alerted if someone "tags" me in a post?

Asked by xxii (3329points) October 13th, 2010

Sometimes I answer questions that I don’t necessarily want to revisit, but if someone addresses me directly, I want to be able to go back to the question and reply. Do you know if there’s a way to be alerted when you’ve been tagged in a post? If not, the Fluther Gods should consider looking into it.

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As of right now there isn’t any notification if someone mentions you, so the only way to know is to continue following the question and read over the other responses as well.

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I think this is a good suggestion – it would alleviate the need to follow a question in order to keep the responses more closely linked to what they’re responding too. Plus, it may be a good way for everyone to get more lurve. ;-)

BUT, looking to see what GAs you’re getting, and then clicking on those to see if there was a follow up, is a good proxy for doing this for now.

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I don’t believe there is, no. I frequently crave one, though.

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@iamthemob That’s what I do. Then again, if someone is bitching about something you’ve said, they most likely won’t GA you XD

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@bob_ – yeah. Me too. And it also doesn’t cover the times people like and forget or don’t think to lurve you, only kind of like it and respond, are neutral and debating a couple of points…it misses a lot of it. The other method would cover a lot of this…but also wouldn’t cover the answers where you weren’t “tagged” or tagged incorrectly.

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@iamthemob Yeah. I feel like we should sue Fluther for $100 million dollars, as this has caused us great mental suffering.

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@bob_ – I’ll send you a retainer for my services.

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@iamthemob Retainer? I thought you guys worked on commission or something ~

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I vote we make this a feature. A feature of awesome.

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“Is there a way I can be alerted if someone “tags” me in a post?”

Cheese and crackers! That is so insecure.
Who cares, unless you need to feel that what you say matters and how dare someone dis you. The intellectual Behemoth that you are.

Yea, that would be me. ;-)

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