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Topics (aka tags): you click on a user-name and see that sadly :-( you have no topics in common, you then...

Asked by seazen (6123points) October 15th, 2010

Add them anyway cause they said something really cool.

Add their topics and now have something in common.

Don’t add their topics cause they (the topics) are of no interest to you/or vice versa.

Don’t really pay attention to tags and just get questions based on your activity.

None/All of the above plus explanation…

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Have never paid attention to “My Fluther” or whatever they are calling it today. I just go by the questions and get a picture of the person from their answers.

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Don’t give a rat’s ass.

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I look at their topics to see if I want to add any to my interests. If not, no biggy, I still add them.

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@bob_ How is it that to give a rat’s ass, and not to give a rat’s ass – mean the same thing?

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I add ‘em if I like ‘em. I guess I figure they bring more to the table.

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@seazen : Kind of like “sanction”.

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I’ve only added one or two topics since joining. The ones listed represent interests and possibly a tiny bit of knowledge on the subject. I do wish I’d get into the habit of reading the topics posted on each question. Some of them are hysterical.

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What are these “topics” you speak of?

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@seazen How is it that inflammable and flammable both mean the same thing? Think about that.

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@FutureMemory Directly below seazen’s question details, but still in the box, there are topics in red boxes.

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They are just tags. Before the changes to fluther, it didn’t seem to matter if we had anything in common or not. The way the site is formatted now is almost like a dating site, they’re matching you up with other jellies that have topics in common. It makes you either want to add more topics or just ignore it.

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Honestly, I have no idea what you are talking about. How do you learn this stuff?

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I don’t pay any attention to them. I still get questions in my activity that are nothing to do with the topics I’ve selected so I don’t see that it makes much difference.

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@Daloon – I have a lot of free time.

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The answer is…....... forty-two!

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1 & 4, but sometimes I do pay attention to tags and add new ones that I am interested in.

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I don’t go by those either, mostly just the questions. I used to like to know where people lived.and why do people say ‘I could care less’

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I just add topics I like and not just ones that I necessarily know a lot about. If I do see someone with “potato guns,” I will add it.

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@faye True dat: I could/couldn’t care less mean the same!!!

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I haven’t tried that yet. I wonder what difference it will make if I do look?

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