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Parents; was your child's first haircut stressful?

Asked by Foolaholic (5804points) October 15th, 2010

I’m just curious, really.

I was thinking about it last night, and it occurs to me that something like that could easily be frightening for a small child? How was your experience? How old were your children?

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No not at all. He was an absolute angel. I mean we did have to give him a packet of his favourite sweeties to “cushion the blow” however. Sat perfectly still, not a sound came out of him. Bless all ten of his tiny ickle pinkies :¬) My daughter was the same, guess it’s generic….coolness under duress.

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I agree with @noelleptc…Preparation is the key. Having a child see someone else get their hair cut should help. Mom used to take me to the salon when she had her hair done, and being around all of the customers who seemed to enjoy the experience helped. She made it a sort of right of passage at my first paid-for hair cut. I still have a snippet of it in a paper bag with the receipt.

The same goes for visits to the doctor and dentist. Explanation and observation without any personal threat can do wonders.

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It really was, for him…and I didn’t even want to do it…and so I very rarely cut his hair now…he’s got longish hair and we only cut it when it gets into his eyes but never again to make him ‘look like a boy’.

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One of my earliest memories was the barber cutting my ear while giving me a haircut. I still treat the barber like my dentist. Once I get into the chair I turn into stone.

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MY daughter’s first hair cut was 43 years ago, and I still remember. She had golden ringlets; after the cut, the curls were on the floor and my daughter had straight hair, albeit still gold,

I have saved one of the curls, tied with a pink satin ribbon. The hair is still glossy, shiny and the colour of honey. Her hair (on her head) is still straight.

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My daughter started out ok. We have a real cute picture of her pointing at herself in a mirror. My son was more difficult. To this day, he doesn’t want a hair cut. I suspect that at some age, he will refuse and start growing his hair long. My wife says she’s not opposed to it, so long as he takes care of it. But since he still needs to be reminded to take a shower, she doesn’t think he’s ready for the responsibility.

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I still haven’t done it.

I love my curly-haired little hippie.

I can’t imagine that he’d not freak out. He doesn’t like his personal space to be invaded, unless he invites you to do so. Don’t touch his face, don’t touch his hands or feet. Period.

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I have always done most of the hair cutting for my boys and grandsons. I like long hair, so I just cut the top enough to keep it out of their eyes, ears and noses. When they got old enough to want short hair, I let them go to the barber.

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I think I’d be more stressed than my daughter. She’s turning 2 in a few weeks and I’ve never cut her hair before. I kind of don’t want to because I want it to grow nice and long… except right now it’s in that awkward phase where it looks like a curly mullet. She loves having her hair brushed by other people, though. I’m not sure what her reaction would be if someone waved a pair of shiny scissors in front of her face. When she gets scared she always reaches for me or buries her face in my leg/armpit/chest.

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