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What are these "SNOVE" folders that are appearing here and there?

Asked by Anatelostaxus (1425points) October 16th, 2010

they’re just popping up at random on a couple of my hard drives and pen drives, these folders containing a desktop.ini file and a pijes.exe file.
What the heck..?

Oh and when they appear after connecting the drive the Hd’s shortcut icon (from being a normal hd design) turns into a text-like icon. And the drive doesn’t autoplay.

Then when I cut & paste this folder into another within the same drive; disconnect and reconnect…
“pop” the autoplay is on and the icon is back to normal.

I’m not worried, just curious of knowing what it is I’m handling here.

P.S. I’m using Ubuntu 10.4, if that might help.

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It took some filtering to google an answer, but that is Windows malware. Do you dual-boot or otherwise expose these drives to windows?

if not then you may have somehow encountered something that can spread through Wine. In any case I would make sure to clean them all up (make sure it’s not running) and be sure to delete your .wine folder since it might be compromised.

If your drives do get exposed to Windows it’s time to run some cleanup utils there. (maybe Ad-aware, Spybot search&destroy, or whatever the current favorite is) and be sure (from Linux) to clean off all your flash drives, externals, memory cards, etc.

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Should I use computer janitor to do that?
Yes I do expose them to windows vista.
I do dual boot…
I could use ccleaner on windows AND spybot, right?
(what’s an alternative to spybot)
thanks mate, you’ve just solved a puzzling menace.

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I don’t know Computer Janitor but I trust spybot at least. Make sure to look into the background of whatever tools you use – some malware disguise themselves as cleanup tools.

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Oh, yes of course.. thank you. I’ll keep that into consideration.
Computer Janitor is a software available in the ‘software centre’.I read the overview… and got it. thought it would be a good substitute to ccleaner.
cheers @davidgro

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