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Are there HD HDD camcorders which support HFS+?

Asked by klaas4 (2189points) December 28th, 2008

I’m just copying a movie from my camera’s SD-card which is formatted with FAT32, and it’s taking 30 minutes! Imagine an HD-movie from the harddisk from your cam! But maybe there is a cam which supports HFS+, and as we all know, HFS is lightning-fast.

Anyone knows of such camera?


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I took a look and much as I expected they don’t seem to exist – to use HFS+ would be to drop compatibility with Windows, which still has most of the market.

About speed though, that is because it was an SD card and not because it was FAT32 – when dealing with a small number of large files (video clips say) the file system overhead will be almost nothing compared to the time it takes to stream the actual file contents, so a HDD camcorder would probably be much faster than the card. File systems can make a difference but it would mostly be when dealing with lots of small files. Even then, device manufactures are pretty much limited to FAT file systems because they need to be “plug and play” as much as possible with Windows.

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