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How are you today?

Asked by goldilocks (273points) April 1st, 2008 from iPhone

just a friendly question!

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tired… very tired. How ‘bout you?

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I just woke up to a great day! I hope everyone else is having a great one too!

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Haha I’m good! All of the snow here sucks though…

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Good I guess except this kid standing next to me is chewing his gum really loudly, and its really kind of annoying

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I’m utterly exhausted… 16 days without a day off… I’m going to have 28 hours of overtime this week.

My paycheck isn’t complaining, but I am since I have no time to use the money I’m working my butt off for!

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@goldilocks, where are you at? I’m sitting in 60 degree temp with a high of 70–75!

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cold, tired and shaking and hoping that I’m not coming down with the flu other then that just peachy. :)

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Other than suffering from pain resulting in a root canal that I had yesterday, 4 inches of fresh snow and waking up to the thermometer reading 17*F I feel pretty good. I’m in Northern Utah.

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Stop complaining.

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I feel really good.

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I’m sooo tired I hate school. I wish a tornadoes would pick me and throw me

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My life is perfect. I couldn’t be happier.

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I’m sad because one of my favorite dogs at work passed away yesterday. :(

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@ iSteve ~ it wasn’t Greta, was it?

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@mcbealer: That’s really cute that you asked! No, a little toy fox terrier named Diana. If it had been Greta I would be total basket case right now!!!

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wow! Well I’m in Minnesota! I’m very very very very sorry about the dog!! And the root canal sucks! Along with the annoying gum-chewing kid! Oh also I hope your work situation gets better! I’m sure your doing a spectacular job! Haha

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@ iSteve ~ I’m sorry to hear about Diana. Poor puppy…

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