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What great instructional class project can I present in 7-10 minutes?

Asked by ladyv900 (713points) October 17th, 2010

I know I have a lot to choose from but I just don’t know, because I just want something that can at least stand out from the other projects or something that can catch interest of my classmates(including my public speaking teacher).But most importantly along with my explaining my main idea and my conclusion but it has to be at least 7–10 minutes presented.Do you have any ideas you can offer, but please not much. Maybe something that involves arts & crafts, science, making a drink, cultural remedies,or most importantly something that’s girly too (like making beauty products/makeup/or food mask?):-D.

I wish I could do one that involves cooking but I don’t have heating equipment to set up in the class and I don’t have much materials do that.

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Well, to take cooking and beauty products and smash them together, why not bring your blender and/or food processor, and demonstrate to the class how to make all-natural cleansers and beauty products with ingredients found in your kitchen?

The driving point could be that no one has to spend hundreds of dollars every year on facial washes, acne creams, etc., because it’s so easy and inexpensive – and less harmful to your skin and the Earth – to take care of yourself with natural ingredients.

I like this site
and this one for recipes.

My favourite things are mango peel scrubs (exactly what it sounds like – scrub yourself with a mango peel, wash off five minutes later), strawberry-and-milk puree facial, and almond and honey face scrub.

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You could give a presentation on how to twirl a set of paper napkins for a decorative appearance. All that is needed is a short stack of napkins and a glass. Place the napkins on a flat surface, put the glass on its side on top of the pile, press down on the glass. and turn it. Rotate the glass several times until the napkins form a spiral appearance. Two tips: 1.) Hold down the bottom napkin’s corner with a finger to keep the stack in place. 2.) Flip the pile over to hide the top one that sometimes gets rumpled from the glass.

If possible, you could show the students one that is already completed, demonstrate how to do it, and then give them a chance to try it themselves. (Cocktail napkins and plastic glasses are cheap.) There is nothing more impressive then showing the effectiveness of the teacher’s instruction and having the whole class be able to complete it successfully.

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You speech will be alot better if you speak of something you already know about rather than something you learned today.
What do you do? What is your favorite song? Teach how to download music.
Just an idea.

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If you know how to make something (food, crafts, etc.) you could do it ahead of time and take pictures while you are doing it. That way you can present the entire project in class as a power point presentation, putting the pics onto slides and adding the words, background, etc. to the slides as well. Then when you arrive at the end, you can take out your completed project (an enthusiastic moment will ensue in your audience if it is food or something everyone can try) and show everyone. That way you can control the length of your presentation more precisely.

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I love non-newtonian fluid experiments. Cheap in materials, easy to do, a great lesson in surface tension. My high school science teacher did this walking across a wading pool and I’ve never forgotten it.

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@MissPoovey Something tells me teaching how to do something illegal isn’t such a good idea.

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Ehem… I should probably give some actual ideas, too. Perhaps something about using everyday objects to make something useful? My favorite DIY instruction website for cool projects is Instructables.

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Do you believe the only way to download music is an illegal way? There are alot of websites to get music and they are not illegal.
Shame on you for being off topic and for thinking the worst of me.
I tunes can be very complicated and a short tutorial on it would be right for the school age person. Or older person too for that matter.

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Rewire a lamp. It’s easy to learn, and useful.

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