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What's up with love?

Asked by Aesthetic_Mess (7887points) October 18th, 2010

Why is it so hard to understand? Do you believe in love? I don’t.

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What kind of love are you talking about? Surely you don’t mean any kind of love?

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@nebule the kind of love where people supposedly fall ‘in’ love

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I believe in love because I have experienced it. From the first chemical rush moments through the long, slow change to enduring love.

It is wonderful and worth it.

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Some find it, some don’t, but many mistake it for something it is not.

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Love is a paradox of sorts – it is complex in that it cannot be explained to someone who has never been in love, but once you know what it is there is a sort of simplicity that brings a certain clarity to everything you do. I certainly believe in love – my girlfriend and I have been together just over two years, and no other word can hope to describe what I feel for her.

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“It’s love, not Santa Claus.”

I believe in love because I have been in am in love. And when I was not in love, there wasn’t anything else in the universe I could imagine having less faith in.

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When you aren’t in it and you don’t see anything on the horizon that looks like it could be it, it’s easy not to believe in love. You know you want that feeling because it makes you high and you feel safe and you feel you belong somewhere, but you don’t have it.

Perhaps, you think, you are unlovable. No. Not possible. Therefore love must be a sham. It must not really exist. Or, perhaps you don’t know what love is.

It’s easy to get cynical about love. It’s easy to say it’s just chemicals (hormones). It’s easy to say that people are kind of fooling themselves—not that they don’t feel what they feel, but because it doesn’t mean what they think it means.

What’s up with love? Love ain’t always so easy. It does take faith. Cynicism doesn’t help. Chances are, love will come. It has for billions of others.

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Why do fools fall in love?. I believed in it. It’s hard to belive in it after you lose your other half.

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I don’t think you will understand it until it happens to you.
That overwhelming feeling when it happens, is indescribable. As your love matures it becomes less intense but nevertheless important to your wellbeing.
I am sure you will feel this one day. Good luck

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I cant really belive in it because the first guy I ever “loved” never loved me back, it really broke my heart but just because love is confusing and barely anyone really loves someone with all their strength does not mean you should give up on it.

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