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How much do you trust your partner?

Asked by Jude (32198points) September 28th, 2011

If you don’t, what did they do?

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100% for everything she is minus 1% for her ability to keep a promise regarding house cleaning = 99%


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Well… I don’t have one. But naturally that is dependent upon his actions matching in line with his words and that goes fo anyone in general. If you SAY one thing and DO another… No dice cowboy… saddle up and just go.

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@GabrielsLamb: So you’ll only date cowboys?

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@cprevite Figure of speech… *Are there still cowboys? Like REAL ones?

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I trust him completely!

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It takes time for me to trust someone like partner after being cheated in the past, I think the person shows they can be trusted and reliable. Communication can enhance the level of trust I guess ensuring me they are faithful and loyal.

If a guy sometimes disappear or not responding then the trust level will obviously be damaged.

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@GabrielsLamb: Not many – which is what I thought explained why you don’t have a partner. Slim pickings and all.

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I trust him completely. Always have.

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Completely, and it goes both ways or it wouldn’t work as well as it does.

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@cprevite No… I suspect it’s because I can be a bit… errr, Difficult and odd, even a bit crazy sometimes as well as highly sensitive. I require specifics and most men think they can handle me and find out to my detriment they can’t… *And that being said… I ALWAYS give a courtesy warning.

This is me…

Good for a guy who can handle me… BAD NEWS for one that can’t or lies to me about wanting to.

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You can always trust no one to never judge you, to accept you for who you are, to be there when you need them, to give you space when you want it.

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@King_Pariah POINTS! I Decree… Great answer!

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I trust him, just not about everything though. Like when he calls me beautful, I feel as if its just a lie. I look in the mirror and see a ugly plain girl.

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@beccagolling I feel you on that… For all the bravado that says otherwise, I think many women feel that way inside.

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I don’t trust anyone 100% because people change. I trust him more than I trust others and I trust that, right now, he loves me enough to not deliberately do anything to hurt me. Do I trust that he will stay the same and never hurt me? Not 100% but I do trust him enough to take that risk.

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oh, @beccagolling I would trust him. He loves you and people see differently when in love. You can see yourself as ugly, but I would rather you saw yourself as he does. It is not a lie. Beauty has nothing to do with the perception of the nation or the community. It has everything to do with how you feel about a person. He loves you. Make that enough to believe him.

I trust my partner completely. I don’t think she would hurt me on purpose. I think she tries hard and wants the best for both of us and for our children. I think I trust her more than she wants me to trust her. She keeps asking my opinion about things that I trust her opinion about.

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Totally, with anything.

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@wundayatta I wish I could, but I am so self-conscious about myself. I will try my hardest though. Thank you for your comment. :)

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@beccagolling That my dear is the beginning and purpose for trust as a foundation to build from… Honesty always… You have a kind and open heart. You’re almost there, first trust yourself the rest follows.

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I trust him implicitly not to willfully hurt me or betray me. I don’t always trust that he will understand my personal struggles but I do know he cares about my happiness.

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@GabrielsLamb I will try. And thank you :)

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I trust him to never hurt me or be unfaithful to me. I don’t necessarily trust everything he says though, he has a tendency to.. embellish the truth in some ways (especially if it makes him look clever).

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@beccagolling You’re welcome honey… Be good to you!

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Trust begins at home, as in, trusting ourselves first and foremost of all.
I “trust” that I have been/ am /will, be a loyal friend/partner, capable of honesty, even when it’s painful.
But…more importantly I trust MYSELF to eliminate those that disrespect the gift of my trust.

Age and wisdom has taught me to not suffer fools glady anymore. haha

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@Coloma I can learn lots from you!

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What @janbb said.

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Trust her with my life ^^

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I ask this question because I’ve been through some abuse (during my life). It’s difficult for me to trust anyone. I trust my partner, though.

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She is the only person I trust. Over the past 10 years (anniversary tomorrow) she has proven time and again that she is 100% on my side. No matter how crazy I get, she still loves me.

Damn. Something must be wrong with her.

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I trust my partner 100%.

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We have been through so much as a couple: the accident that disabled my sister (who is now living with us), me having a complete meltdown due to a backlog of trauma, his mother having it out for us 13 years, the death of both his father and my mother plus nutty family members on both sides of our family. All these things could have torn us apart but what they did was bring us very close together. I have seen the measure of this man and I am amazed by him. He still frustrates me on small issues but I know he has my back and I have his.

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The question is, how much does he trust me?:]

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Completely. He however doesn’t trust me. :(


As the old cliche goes, I trust her with all my heart.

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@tranquilsea *That point was for you… Smiles.

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@everyone Do you really ever completely trust anyone? Is that even a smart thing to do? I mean think about it, does everyone know what goes on in your head? What you think, what you feel, your secrets? If the answer to that is no, then how can you in turn trust anyone else to be any different?

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@GabrielsLamb I trust my husband implicitly, because he’s earned that trust. I don’t need to know everything that’s going on in his head. I don’t really need to know if he thinks our new neighbor is pretty. All I need to know is that I trust him to never cross a line because of his love and respect for me. I know that he won’t betray my trust, and that’s why I trust him.

He knows I have the hots for Johnny Depp and a few other celebs, and he knows that I still appreciate a good looking man who walks by and that I have a strange yearning to “test-drive” a woman, but he also knows that just because I find other men (and women) attractive, that doesn’t mean I’d do anything about it. He doesn’t need to know what’s going on in my head at all times. He knows I won’t do anything to betray his trust, and that’s why he trusts me.

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@WillWorkForChocolate You’re a better woman than I am honey… Do you give lessons? I give trust as a kind of provision. It is intellectually thought out, the varibles are considered and I will ALLOW someone in, but I can’t say I am honestly able to trust anyone ever again after what I have been recently been put through. It is trauma’s trauma totally tramatized by a master A-hole. THe damage some people can do when they want to is just… Horrific.

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I could not have put it better in any way @WillWorkForChocolate. I feel exactly the same.

@GabrielsLamb hopefully with time you will meet someone who is worthy of the level of trust @WillWorkForChocolate is talking about.

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@GabrielsLamb Well, sometimes it’s difficult to build up to the level of trust that my hubby and I have for each other, especially when you’ve been emotionally burned. The man I dated right before I met my husband seemed honest, caring and kind when we met. After a month or so, that facade began to slip, and by the end of our relationship, when I ended it, I saw his true “face”, which was ugly, deceitful and just plain nasty.

When I met my husband two weeks later, I fell in love with him the same night (trust me, it sounds like bunk, but it’s true). Although I knew how I felt about him, I found it hard to trust him completely, so I was paranoid for a while. But he was just so good and so real that I began to trust him. It took a few months for me to totally trust him, and that trust has just gotten stronger through our marriage.

The point is- even when you’ve been burned, you can still learn to trust again. It just takes time, and the willingness to make yourself vulnerable again.

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I trust him a whole lot. It helps that I love and accept him for who he is. :)

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Trust one on the outside not the inside. You never know what they are concieving!

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Former partner/husband
he turned from a man I loved into an asshat who would accept no responsibility, drank continuously, failed to pay bills or even keep employment, and wanted ONLY to watch sports endlessly

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Never trust anyone in life 100%. In the back of your mind you should always be aware that every single person that you meet in life can disappoint you at some point or the other. However never ever let them know this. It is the secret to keeping your sanity in life and making sure you don’t get a nervous breakdown if they ever disappoint. We are all human . We all make mistakes. No one is perfect. Let that be your motto for life and you will be fine. Never put your faith 100 % in anyone except God.

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My boyfriend is quite possibly the most strong-minded person on this planet. He always does what he says he’s going to do. He is also the most loyal person I’ve ever met. When I had a crush on my gym coach, he helped me get over him. Without him, I might not have been here.

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Its kinda sad because I love my husband of 28 years but I
do not truly trust anyone. Situations change and you can
get disappointed from the ones you love the most.
Only thing that you can truly trust is Jesus Christ.

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I trust my wife beyond all doubt or question, it’s myself I don’t trust. I’ve been loyal and true blue for 36 years, but it ain’t been easy. I mean, I’m just married, I’m not dead.

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It is a new thing for me to have given up, but I have. I kept giving chances between his failures, but this latest one has made me give up. This time, it has split our family, and that hurts. Badly.

Reality is that he is very, very good to me and will do anything for me in spite of the fact that because of an illness, I become bedridden at times and I have little to give except a kind word, a quiet spirit, gentleness, and I don’t want to make waves. It cannot possibly be that good for him to have to put up with me.

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Have troubles with that stuff – both for partner and friends. I am sure they won’t hurt me, but I’m also sure I’m so bad, everyone cannot don’t hurt me.

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