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Where can I find a no cosigner student loan for my 18 yr old son?

Asked by Aethelwine (41687points) October 18th, 2010

His father and I can’t co sign for a loan (bad credit & bankruptcy). Do you know where we can find a loan for our son to help pay for the remainder of the money due for this semester?

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Sadly, having gone through the experience just a few years ago and hearing that it’s only gotten worse… you can’t.

Your best bet would be federal student loans. If your credit/financial situation is as bad as it sounds and you fill out the FAFSA very early (as in January 1st, the first day you can for the year) he will probably get a lot of loan eligibility from the government. And honestly, my government loans are pretty much the best, easiest, cheapest ones I have.

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Talk to the school. Many will help out in these sorts of situations… but it will be rough going.

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It will be rather difficult if not impossible to get private loans (FAFSA loans are a different story and are the best way to go). I speak from experience as well. In addition to exploring options with the Financial Aid department at the college/university, your son should get the scholarship list that they have (which is updated regularly all the time with new opportunities) and start applying to any and every one he is qualified for. There really is a ton of scholarship money out there for the people who take the time and effort to look and go after it. Best of luck to you both and keep fighting for that education!

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