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How do we know if our work will pay off? Are there any early indicators of success?

Asked by Blackberry (30929points) October 18th, 2010

Or is it just up to chance, fate, or luck etc. I’m sure if we just do the right thing and take steps to secure our future instead of making multiple bad decisions, we should be ok? Or no?

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You just have to keep plugging away.

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Blackberry, everything in life is a gamble. you work, you play and take chances all day long. i took a gamble for 44 years as a police officer and was watched by guardian angels to be never be shot or hurt in that length of time.

Your choice of occupation is the key today. the emergency services will always be there. people will always commit crimes and always be sick.

You know i wish you good luck. john

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The fact that you are allowed to come back to work and collect a paycheck is a clear sign of opportunity….how big is up to you and how much more you exceed your bosses expectations. The biggest and most telling issue I have seen play out is the “I want it now” mentality of many employees who are just not willing to put in the time and effort to make a difference that truly makes a difference without bitching for a raise or promotion before they really put in that extra effort.

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Everything you do in life is a chance. There are many times the hardwork I’ve accomplished ended up being all for nothing or to just watch other employees getting treated/rewarded better than me even though I was alot better at my job than them and worked harder. It’s all about knowing when to make career changes as well as knowing when to change employers.

One thing I did learn throughout my life is unless you are an expert suckup or brown noser without some type of hard work you will never even have a chance at success or any real happiness in your life. It’s all about motivation and shifting your gears at the right time.

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It’s best to get enjoyment out of your work while you are doing it, since there is no guarantee of anything else.

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Tomorrow is not promised to us. But chances are fair that you’ll still be here, so plan and act accordingly…
On the other hand, it can all be taken away in an instant. One never knows. All the planning in the world can not stop the hand of fate. Or whatever non believers call it.

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