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Why is my lurve frozen?

Asked by xxii (3321points) October 19th, 2010

My lurve was at 2483 awhile ago; I’ve gotten 3 GAs since but it’s still at 2483. Why, Fluther, why? Why do you deny me??

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If it’s any consolation, that’s happened to me as well. It doesn’t matter to me except for the curiosity of it.

I know that it’s complex the way it is distributed. I don’t aim to figure it out…I just say ‘thank you’.

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I jjust gave you a Great Question out of curiosity.

Update: Hmmm., 2483 No change.

Maybe you’ve been fired?

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After any user has given you 100 your score will not change when that user gives you more. If your lurve is from users who have reached their limit, it will not change. Only new members can increase your lurve score.

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The fun is only just beginning!! Wait…. it only gets harder!! :)

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Individual members can only give another individual only so much lurve. I think it’s 100 points. After that they can continue to give you GAs and GQs, but it will not count toward your overall lurve score. This is to keep the system fresh. It keeps the old timers interacting with the newbies. It’s a way to keep from scamming the system, and that’s a good thing.

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Thanks for saying ‘toward’ instead of ‘towards’.
It may not seem like a big deal…but, it is,
if only for me. ‘Doesn’t take much to make
people happy, does it!

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It’s back!!! Order has been restored. GAs all round!

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It’s just playing possum!

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LOLL…yeah, i just gave @ucme and @Cruiser lurves and it doesn’t mean squat! Also, everyone else…probably xxi was the only beneficiary! But, hey baby, it’s about da love!!!!!

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My lurve frozen and I feel so lonely. :-(

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It could be that those 3 GA were from people that had already maxed out their lurve on you.

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Maybe their lurve was in vain.

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@josie lol

Lurve hurts.

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