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Why are people not asking questions on fluther?

Asked by hairypalm (889points) April 1st, 2008

The last few have not been questions? Is fluther going down hill?

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Why should you read the blog and check the date?

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why do some people try to spoil everything?

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@hairypalm. I think you got your answer from our Fluther Friends on the other thread by now. But, even I got hoodwinked. I was fully aware of what today was, but when I first opened Fluther I sat there for the longest time thinking “DANG! they changed the Fluther routine, I am not sure if I like it.” Then I finally realized what was up – Duh to me! Enjoy your day :-)

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Why? Not enough thougthful answers posted, too many inane bloggy questions and answers posted.

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Have you not looked inside each answer that’s been posted today?

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Don’t you know what today is? Have you no sense of humor?

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