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Ladies-What did you crave when pregnant?

Asked by awomanscorned (11261points) October 22nd, 2010 from iPhone

A side salad and waffle fries became my meal of choice.

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Coconut… oh and tomato soup… not together of course :)))))

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i’ve not been pregnant, but my mom had some pretty funny cravings..!
she wanted hot dogs and chocolate milk with me,
and later on, with my brother, she wanted monster munch and tomato juice..!

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Moo shu pork for the first trimester…every night. Then apples, broccolli, potatoes, cashews and lamb. I hadn’t eaten red meat for years but I had to have lamb. (And M&Ms of course)
And i lost my taste for coffee throughout. I hated that that happened. To this day, my daughter hates coffee. Hmmmmmm…..

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Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Ice cream with my son. Friendly’s was my favorite place to go and I would get their Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Sundaes!

So far, the only thing I’ve craved with this one has been pickles and that’s only been here and there, nothing constant like with my son.

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Peach ice cream (in the dead of winter)

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Not a lady, but I can say that my lovely wife didn’t have cravings… she had anti-cravings, revulsions if you will. The mere thought of certain foods would make her literally gag (Taco Bell, scrambled eggs were a few).

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My SO was really poorly with constant indigestion the whole of the time I was pregnant.
I had to get him antacid tablets all the time. Me? I was absolutely fine LOLL

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The only thing I ever craved when I was pregnant was to hold something down – anything! I was sick the whole nine months both times.

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Round Table pizza- pepperoni, mushroom & olive
Domino’s spicy chicken wings
everyday just about for a few months.

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I craved sweet tarts for all three pregnancies.

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Gatorade (which unpregnant, I hate) – If I’d known about Vitamin Water I’d have drunk that exclusively. I also craved salami sandwiches, bananas, and egg salad sandwiches on toast. Also, drinks with ice.

I didn’t want fish or chocolate – two things I ordinarily love, love, love.

Also, since I was pregnant with twins, I had heartburn like nobody’s business, so Tums too. I craved Tums.

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First baby: strawberries during the first trimester, second and third: sweets! chocolate anything, lots of ice cream from DQ.
Second baby: totally went through a pickle phase (cliche), and sweets…again. I love sweets all the time though lol

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banana pudding

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Yucky meat like hot dogs.

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