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Scientists invent a pill for increased fat burn, how do you respond?

Asked by Iclamae (2409points) October 23rd, 2010

Scientists finally figure out how to optimize metabolism and, with it, fat burn.
They do so with a prescribed pill, the dosage being dependent upon your body weight and current metabolism rate. Continued refills require regular checkups to monitor your weight and metabolism.

How would this affect your lifestyle choices?
Would you opt in to take this pill? Just a couple of times or regularly?
Would you opt your children in to take this pill?
What do you think of this concept as a regulated medical concept? Morally, scientifically, etc?

Keep in mind:
Links between certain diseases and obesity

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They should only take the pill if they have some kind of thyroid condition. Look, if you excersise and have a proper diet you won’t have a weight problem to begin with! I’m a lazy girl and don’t get off my butt, but I would never take a pill to fix it. I’m not over wieght mind you becuase I watch what I eat sort of, but no, no, no not unless you have a health problem that keeps you from losing wieght or something.

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No way. Things like that always immediately make me wonder what the effects are on the cardiovascular system. Scary.

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If this is like all the other pills on the market, count me out. Scientist make that claim all the time. Like @tearsxsolitude stated, exercise and proper diet…...

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I wouldn’t want it and there is no way I would put my child on it. I’d much rather teach my son how to eat healthy foods and to get enough exercise.

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What are the side effects of the pill? Taking pills will not solve our problems. The benefits gained by taking pills are not worth the health costs. There is no easy way to reach and maintain good health. It takes consistent hard work. That’s why so many folks are over-fat, unhealthy and are generally looking for an easy way out in the form of a pill or operation.

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A pill that burns fat could not possibly be safe or healthy. I would avoid it.

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Assuming that in this hypothetical situation that it has been tested and proved a healthy alternative, then yes, I’d be willing to take it. I’ve watched members of our family battle with belly and thigh fat no matter how slender, young and how much they try to be rid of it.

Until it comes along, I’m willing to embrace my body’s imperfections whether due to lifestyle or genetics.

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When I say scientists, I mean… like real scientists. Urm… let’s say Johns Hopkins University research produces this pill. Not some sketchy company. Someone doing it for medicine’s sake not money’s sake.

And FDA approved.

I don’t count this commercials for weight loss pills as science. Most of them are scams and not covered by the FDA because of the label “supplement”.

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I still wouldn’t take it because anything new cannot, by definition, have been tested for long enough to know what the long-term side effects were. If it was something that had already been in general use for 50 years, and been proved safe and effective, then I guess I would. But not something new, no matter how safe it appears right now. No-one knows what the long-term side effects might be.

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Real scientists? No thanks. XD

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I’m with @downtide on this. If in our hypothetical situation we are eliminating side effects then I’d be fine with it. If its based on your current weight, metabolism, etc… it ends up being like a vitamin pill in that it just keeps you more healthy.

So if this is a hard work vs. pill question, I have no problem eliminating one more issue in life and taking the pill. But if we’re in the real world where there will be side effects, unknowns, etc… then no, its not worth the risk.

Mind you, I’m talking about losing a small amount of weight. For people who are medically overweight and at high risk due to that, there are other considerations and some pills might well be worth the risk.

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Fortunately I don’t take any medication and I won’t take pills or antibiotics unless I really need them. I am a bit thrawn that way, so I wouldn’t take this pill either. I am a bit sceptical of miracle drugs of any kind and I don’t need this one. It could be the answer to a prayer for many people however.

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I’d camp overnight to make sure I got the first batch!! I would take it until I got down to my normal weight and have it around in case I started to creep back up.

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Don’t need it.

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I wouldn’t take it. I take seven different kinds of medication which I have no choice about already. I don’t like that, and I wouldn’t take other medication that I would have a choice over. Besides which, we always go straight to the something is wrong, let’s take a pill to fix it. We usually find out later we shouldn’t do that, that the drugs we take are often worst than what they’re for.

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It seems like we have an overall distrust of medicine here. I don’t blame you, I feel the same way and dislike taking even Aleve for headaches.

For my own body, I think that I would try to live normally without the pill. Then, if I were to have trouble keeping my weight at a healthy level (some people’s metabolisms are just sucky no matter what), I’d try it. Diabetes and a slew of heart problems run in my family, so I’d probably try to avoid them at all costs.

I’m torn on the timing of taking it. If the pill just came out right now or if it had come out like 50 years ago and we were able to see the long term effects of it. Technically I’m in that position now by being on Depo birth control. It’s a relatively new birth control and we haven’t had a chance to see long term effects on cancer rate or other diseases. So… with regard to that, while I would like to take it after long term effects were analyzed, I’d probably be willing to take the risk if I was in a bad way. Not to mention, there always has to be someone to take it first.

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Where’s the catch?

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I would take so many that I disappeared.

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