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Did the the MLB post season (and the Giants win if you are in the Bay Area) make you more of a baseball fan?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) October 23rd, 2010

I am not a baseball fan, in fact I can’t think of a sport I care less to watch. But since an area team was in the post season I had more interest. Some who hardly ever thought of baseball seem to be new fans planning on watching next season. If you were not a fan before but took the time to watch now have you become a fan or a better fan or do you find yourself still jaded?

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I couldn’t possibly be any bigger fan of baseball, and more importantly the San Francisco Giants. I’ve been a loooong suffering Giants fan since the days of Willie Mays.
Even if these playoff games hadn’t been so damn great and even if the Giants would have been humiliated I wouldn’t be any less of a fan than I am today. It’s just nice to have a team that could go all the way for once. It’s a feeling I’m going to have to get used to.


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It didn’t make me a bigger baseball fan, but I have been rooting for them since they clinched. Go Giants!

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I have been a Yankees fan all my life so I stopped watching when they were out of the equation. Now I have no loyalties to either team, I could care less who wins.

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I already was a baseball fan, but the Giants-Phillies series was a very good series. The better team won.

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ha every post season makes me more of a baseball fan!! but i suppose that’s only when my team is in it (or maybe where i’m living; this year was lucky, ny and sf! woohoo). the rest of baseball season is booorrrring.

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I am an A’s fan, but I love the Giants as well. However, I am don’t have the opinion that the Giants are the best team in baseball. They play small ball, and mostly have great pitching, mostly. I am rooting for them, but I don’t have the faith I have had in past A’s teams, where you know they are the best, and all you have to do is watch the game and enjoy it. The Giants are torture to watch. When they clinched, they joined a lot of their fans, who had been clinched for weeks.
All that said, I have loved baseball more this season than ever before. The steroids are gone, pitching has become remarkable, and I am excited watching this play out.
Go Giants!

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@filmfann- You are a bit na├»ve thinking steroids aren’t still a part of baseball. But I’ll agree it’s not crazy like it was a few years ago. As to the Giants mostly having great pitching, they have the best pitching in the MLB this year, period. Also the Phillies never had to face the Padres (second lowest ERA in MLB) 18 times this year. The Giants played in a much stronger division. While I’ll agree that the Phillies were a more rounded team, the Giants are the better team. Swap divisions and the Giants win 100 games.

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