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Strange Matrix Reloaded question you most likely can't answer?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26798points) October 25th, 2010

OK, another ”out there” question so some can wonder “what has he been smoking?” The Neo vs. Smiths fight scene where the Smiths 1st attacked Neo in the courtyard there were 12 Smiths. At the end of the fight when Neo finally had to bail I counted that he was battling 166 Agent Smiths. Do you know the actual number of Smiths Neo was actually fighting? Don’t know why I want to know, maybe just up too late. And while you ponder that how many attacker do you think a Wushu master with a bo staff can fend off in the real world?

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I wasn’t a big fan of the Matrix movies, so I probley couldn’t answer any questions.

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Based on how movies are made, I would be willing to bet that there are different amounts of Smiths in different shots.

In other words, I doubt they made one single 3D landscape and populated it with a set number of agents. If you pause it and look at the end of the fight from different angles, there have probably been a few added and a few removed here and there to get the desired look.

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I doubt the Wachowski brothers intended there to be a “set” number of agent smiths. More than likely it was meant to be an ambiguous, if not infinite number.

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I can only answer one question, thats how many attackers a wushu master can fend off.
If that attackers were Mongolian warrior then he can fend of none

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Didn’t anyone pay any attention? Pack of dicks (excuse the language, private joke)

Smith aquired a program to copy himself and throughout the film his numbers are growing. There are more at the end then there are at the beginning. It’s not about an integral value, you have to look at the exponent. This exponent is what Neo has to measure himself agains; he doesn’t just have to improve, he has to do everything so perfectly he gets bonus points and breaks the maximum score.

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I still wish they would have quit after the first movie. I love that movie!!

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