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What kind of sleeper are you?

Asked by ucme (46544points) October 25th, 2010

Deep, light, snorer or talker. Teeth grinder or walker, which is it hey? I must know, no really!

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I don’t sleep hardly at all. I get maybe 2 -3 hours a day until by body lets go and I sleep for nearly one day but that only happens about 2 times a month.

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Light, disturbed, restless. It sucks.

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Soundly, unless there’s a bit of snoring from the other side of the bed.

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I’m very fancy.

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@noelleptc Yeah, you sound like the wife. She could fall asleep on the washing line…..well not literally :¬)

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It takes me a long time to fall asleep (and there cannot be anyone awake in the room, lights on, telly going) but once I am out, I am out. I have slept through earthquakes – not aftershocks, but quakes. When I was a kid, I would thrash in my sleep (both legs and arms) which made sharing beds with family while on vacation an impossibility.

A few years ago, I developed the massively annoying habit of waking up every half hour on the dot past two in the morning. Around five, I would wake up every fifteen minutes instead. I’m not sure whether this was linked to my migraines, but it was around the same time when those became worse. Thankfully, my internal alarm clock has been kinder to me this year (though it was terrible all summer.)

I dream often. I favour my right side, but otherwise sleep on my back. I also hog covers.

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@lucillelucillelucille Yeah, I just bet you are!

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@noelleptc Well then switch it off woman! Get some shut eye XD

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I’m a very light sleeper. I can’t sleep well unless I have a fan on in the room, even during the winter. I also need at least two pillows. One for my head and one to wrap my arms around. I tried wrapping my arms around my husband, but he informed me that I twitch a bit. So much that I sometimes pinch his arms when I twitch. Now the pillows take my torture.

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I’m a pretty deep sleeper and have been known to talk a few times. I’ve also sleep walked at least once.

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I’m a sound sleeper when I finally fall asleep. Usually takes me hours to fall asleep, though. I frequently suffer from insomnia. I’m pretty sure I must snore like a man, because I have a deviated septum. :) That’s cute, right?

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I fit the profile of an older man perfectly, i.e., I don’t sleep very well anymore. I won’t rveal the specific things I do in my sleep—only to say, my co-pilot will need to be very tolerant. ;-)

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I’m a great sleeper. No snoring. I had my sinuses drilled out and it has been wonderful. I like to go to bed early (10pm) and get up around (6am). No alarms necessary. I can also sleep anywhere.
I know… It’s a gift.

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I apparently am quite the snorer. I have a friend who refers to it as “calling the buffalo.”

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I love being awake way to much to waste time on sleep plus I hate making the bed so I avoid it at all costs.

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@worriedguy : I had my sinuses drilled out… My face hurts just reading that!

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Cold war, deep under cover.

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I’m the bedtime companion from hell. Deep sleeper, snorer, teeth grinder, and I sleep walk all the time, usually at least once every night.

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I like to give dutch ovens.

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@Adirondackwannabe : That’s it, the clandestine affair is off. Sorry, Darlin’, but that’s a deal breaker!

Adirondackwannabe's avatar

@JilltheTooth Which one did it? I could have my sinuses drilled out. ow. Oh, I also sleep talk.

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It takes me at least an hour to fall asleep. I sleep around 5 hours a night. I like it to be dark but not pitch black and cool temperature. I like to hear my dog snoring or breathing ..makes me feel at home.
I start off curled up on my left side and usually end up on my back. I wake up often but usually go right back to sleep.
I dream vividly and usually remember the dreams ..I also have a lot of nightmares. I will wake up if anyone enters the room, no matter how quiet. I’ve been known to sleep talk here and there. Many times, while sleeping, I still have an awareness of what is going on around me.

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@JilltheTooth Damn. How about you wait til I sleepwalk and then lock the door after I leave. I also tend to sleepwalk and then find unusual places to sleep the rest of the night.

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@TheOnlyNeffie “Deviated Septum.” I love it when you talk dirty XD & yes, cute as a button!

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I sleep on my tummy and can sleep through a lot.

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@Adirondackwannabe : Intriguing. Weird, but intriguing.
@Simone_De_Beauvoir : I’m a tummy sleeper, too, when I sleep but my face gets fat. Irritating, that. Something to do with age, no doubt.

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I sleep like a rock.

According to my wife, however, I snore loud enough to wake the dead.

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Thanks for “sleeping with me!” Guys, if you’d just make room for the girls. Actually stepping outside would be good! I guess it’s only fair to reveal my sleeping habits. I’m a deep sleeper who apparently talks & grinds. There, I bet you sleep better for knowing that little trinket of information…...not! :¬)

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I’m definitely a teeth grinder. I wake up and I swear my teeth are on the verge of chipping. I can fall asleep to the loudest noise but if in the middle of the night there is a sudden, no matter how quiet, noise I wake up. I usually sleep through the whole night but it takes me like half an hour to an hour to fall asleep.

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I fall asleep quickly and I don’t wake up in the middle of the night, but I really can only fall asleep in the dark and at night. Not a napper at all.

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@JilltheTooth “My face hurts just reading that.” Well, I’ll be onest with you. It was not the most pleasant experiece I’ve ever had.
A few days after the surgery, I went to the ENT’s office to have the packing removed. He reached up inside my nose and pulled out a tampon the size of Madonna’s. It made an unforgettably disgusting sucking sound, not unlike pulling your work boots out of ankle deep mud.
It was worth the pain. Now, I can breath through my nose. I can taste food. And I can use my mouth for other functions without coming up for air. Some people find that handy. ;-)

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Had a similar surgery, and similar experience with the packing removal to @worriedguy. To this day it is my most painful memory. Probably shouldn’t mention this in case anyone is squeamish, but blood literally came from my eyes when they took the packing out. It was pretty hideous.

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I had a blood vessel break in the back of my nasal cavity and they had to pack it with 9 yards of gause and they had to do it three times before it quit bleeding and it took 3 months. I had that darn pack taken out 3 times and put back in when it started to bleed again.

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@TheOnlyNeffie I too had the sinus reaming. They used splints rather than packing on me. The painful part wasn’t the splint removal, but rather being attacked by the 2 foot long stainless steel vacuum tube they shoved in there afterward to suck everything out OUCH!

ANef_is_Enuf's avatar

@YoBob that sounds horrible! At the time my doctor said that it was so painful because the packing had sealed to the inside of my sinuses, so effectively it ripped the wounds open again. I assume that was normal, but maybe not? Sorry again, I’m really trying not to be too gross! I know we have some squeamish jellies that probably hate me right now.

Anyhow.. I still snore. Never did get the deviated septum fixed.

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I’m a pretty deep sleeper, like my dad and sister. I don’t grind my teeth, talk in my sleep, kick or flinch. But I can’t have any light, noise, or people in the room. I slept-walked once – I was sleeping in my sister’s room, on her top bunk, but I woke up in my room, which, to get to, I would have had to get down off the top bunk, walk to the other end of the house, go down a flight of stairs, and go to the other end of the basement. That was extremely strange.

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Deep—I sleep through tornadoes.

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I sleep soundly… it’s not easy to wake me up.

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I like my sleep time and I am very regular in my habits. When my head hits the pillow I am asleep within ten minutes and I need 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night. I think nice thoughts if I can and I look forward to pleasant dreams.

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When I was seventeen I got a really bad nosebleed when I was OUT OF STATE visiting some family. They called my mom and she asked them to take me to an ENT.
He found the broken capillary and BURNED IT (cauterized it) and I jumped a foot off the chair! That night I went to a dance. I felt something warm coming out of my nose; I raced to the restroom and thank God I just had a little nose running situation. It has bled maybe once since then. During a very dry spell. ))-: I cannot take the stress of it all.
what kind of sleeper? Nothing worth writing, really. Should I have my sinuses ripped out too?

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@Aster I’ve had my nose cauterized as well. Fear not…it has nothing to do with sinuses. Just keep a humidifier handy in the bedroom when you turn the heat on.

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^^^^^^^^ How sweet. Thank you. (-:

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Like a corpse. I sleep so heavily that I didn’t wake up when there was a car crash right outside my house and everyone else was up to see and talk to the police. I didn’t know a thing about it til the next morning and discovered the wall all toppled over. I rarely remember my dreams (unless I’m woken unexpectedly) and I usually get 7 hours.

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I love sleep. When I’m in good form, I’m a sound sleeper.

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My sleep is deep, I don’t hear a thing. Folks are always asking did you hear all that thunder and lightning or whatever. Nope. Only if there is a baby in house and cries will I wake up. I’ve been told that I snore loudly. But no one has ever taped it, so I don’t believe it XD.

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Sleeping thru the night would be wonderful, but I never do it. I usually get a few hours in, then can’t get back to sleep.
Sometimes, I fall asleep, that is my body does, but my mind is still awake. I hear myself snore, and think “Okay, I’m sleeping…”
My son, who still lives at home, will come home at 4am, and he uses his ninja skills to try and not make any noise, but I can tell the moment his key is in the lock.
Often, I have to stay up to the point of exhaustion before going to bed, hoping that doing that will allow me to get at least 6 hours in. It very rarely works.

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I used to sleep wonderfully throughout the night. deep sleep for 14 hours easy if I had that much time to kill. Now though, since my accident, I wake up every ~3 hours in pain and need to move

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