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What is my dog thinking when I get him howling?

Asked by drClaw (4442points) October 25th, 2010

This is pure curiosity. A long time ago I discovered I can get my dog, Capone, to howl with me. Initially I think I was singing (which can only be likened to the sound of a dieing moose) and he cocked his head back with a howl. Since this discovery I’ve had fun getting him to howl with me every once in a while.

I know howling is a form of long distance communication for dogs, but still I can’t help but wonder what he thinks is happening when I do this. Drop some knowledge on me Fluther.

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Group howling is a method coyotes and wolves use to strengthen the bonds within a pack, especially when the pack is being challenged or issuing a challenge. You are his pack leader, so he is supporting you.

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Exactly what @WestRiverrat says. It’s a pack-bonding ritual.

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Aww, I love doggies.

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Pack leader huh… I like the sound of that. I’m thinking “pack leader” + “cobra” = coolest nickname ever!

What were we talking about again? Oh yeah…

Thanks for the answer, very interesting.

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He is thinking, “Wow humans really act peculiarly sometimes!”

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If he can do this. Well, now your talking.

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Dogs can’t think. If they could, they would refuse to eat dogfood, and try to get into the bathroom instead of going to the back door. It is something else.

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@josie – it is true some dogs don’t think but if you had ever met an akita, bouvier or dingo, you would change your mind. It’s why I love them, you can look into their eyes and see the wheels turning!

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i don’t know what my dog is thinking when i get him to howl buti do know he loves it! i’ll buy the pack bonding theory.

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dogs can too think . They cant reason but believe me they be thinkin’

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Dogs do think. Mine decides where she wants to go for her walk and if I take her the “wrong” way she fakes a limp to make me stop.

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My dog thinks all the time – about food…

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