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Are there any asexuals out there who are tired of getting "hit on" ?

Asked by ladyv900 (713points) October 25th, 2010

I mean like individuals who try to sweet talk with you, flirted at, even negative sexual rants at and you’re totally not interested nor attracted to those genders at all?And do those kind of people give you a wierd look,look at you crazy, or even go gossip to one of their friends about you just because of your sexuality?

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I don’t see how the average Joe would be able to tell an asexual from a sexual. Unless you want to wear badges or something freaky like that.
Best thing to do, I’d reckon, is to avoid the situation instead of griping about it.

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Well, I am attracted to females.. But I have never had a girlfriend or been in a relationship and I’ve only had sex once just so I could say I wasn’t a virgin. And at this point I don’t see it ever happening. Yeah women try talking to me, flirt , most of them are good looking. I just don’t have any desire to get to know them, or bang them. And yeah it does getting annoying when people try talking to me sometimes. I never talk to girls at parties… That is where they get all touchy. That I am pretty tired of.. so I just avoid those situations..

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@Nullo oh my bad I meant to type up there like if you told one of them that you’re not intrested and tell them you’re asexual, just like if a guy or a female say they like the same sex,then that person would give them a wierd look, etc,etc(especially if they don’t know what it means. I forgot to type that up there.

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Yeah that is just the way people are.. Like if you try to tell someone you don’t drink alcohol or eat meat. They give you the same kinda looks and gossip.. It is best to just keep things like that to yourself as much as you can.

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I’m pretty sure the situation you’re describing is apt to happen to most people, regardless of their sexuality.

I’m straight, but I don’t like getting “hit on” by anyone, really. It just makes me uncomfortable (especially since I have a steady boyfriend of 2 years, but it was true even when I was single) and I don’t enjoy it. I may not get a weird look when I tell someone to stop hitting on me because I have a boyfriend, but I still get annoyed when it happens. Same thing when people talk to me about drinking, smoking, etc.

As for getting weird looks about sexuality: being gay or bi is not “weird” these days and is more or less accepted in most parts of the modern world, depending on culture. It’s not a hush-hush topic anymore. However, the general public I think still has trouble dealing with other forms of sexuality, such as asexuality and transsexuality. So yeah, you’re going to get questions and looks when you go and tell people that you’re asexual. So if you’re annoyed by people gossiping and giving weird looks, don’t talk about it to everyone who tries to hit on you. Like @noelleptc said, take it as a compliment that someone thinks you’re attractive in some way.

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Why feel the need to give out so much informtion about yourself? Why not simply say “I’m not interested, thank you.”?
For that matter, if you really want someone to back off, say you have Herpes, or Hepatitis C, That should guarantee you some alone time.

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In that case, she can go with the first half of my statement.

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Yes, but the public’s never going to change. Society today shows us that people should liuke being hitted on and if they don’t then there’s something wrong with them. I feel like saying” Oh I love being treated like a piece of meat”. Just aviod these kind of situations since there will always be ignorance.

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