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Can you tell me about San Francisco?

Asked by sliceswiththings (11661points) October 26th, 2010

I am thinking about moving to San Francisco for a few months (January-April). I have a few questions:

1. Where to live. From my research, it seems that it’ll be cheaper to live in Oakland or Berkeley. Just how far are they? Is it an easy commute? I have no car. Is it indeed cheaper?

I also might be able to stay with a family in Noe Valley. Can you tell me about this area?

2. My primary source of income (trust me, it works!) is as a street performer. Are there a lot in SF? I heard something about the Fisherman’s Wharf.

3. Is the city bikeable?

Thanks! Any advice is much appreciated!

(22, female, by the way)

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k so for starters, look through my old questions (the very first ones are almost all about SF)

bart is kinda expensive, 70 bucks a month for unlimited… and that’s how you’d be getting here from oakland or berkeley. oakland is not really safe but there are nice areas. i’d do some more research into that. being that you’re a 22 year old female, i’d be careful in oakland… just my opinion.

noe valley is awesome! really pretty but super hilly from what i know of it… very much a family type neighborhood. there are muni lines that run there, so it’s kinda easy to get around.

so many street performers… yes the warf has a ton and some are staples that are there all the time. some are also kinda famous (some musicians and the bush guy)

city is bikeable… there are routes to avoid hills and SO many people ride bikes.

i’m around your age, and female as well. i moved here in december and i am nooo expert but this has been my experience. this was the best thing i’ve ever done in my life. keep in mind that it is an expensive city. PM me if you want more info.

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Street performers are required to be licensed as a business, and are not allowed to simply show up, and San Franciso the city is full of them, to excess. If that is your only source of income, you are looking at a lot of disappointment.

The entire San Francisco peninsula is extremely overcrowded, with all the attendant disadvantages, plus a few extra due to the current economic climate in California.

If you can depend on your contacts/relatives for support you can make it, otherwise, I suggest extreme caution.

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I’d stay out of Oakland. I think Berkeley’s supposed to be pretty nice, though.

Noe Valley is a very nice neighborhood. And it does have quite a few MUNI lines running through it.

You could probably make some money as a street performer if you clear yourself with the city. But I wouldn’t count on it for making a living. The job market there last time I was in the City wasn’t bad, so it shouldn’t be a terrible feat.

A lot of people bike the City, too. It’s feasible, but sometimes monster hills are unavoidable.

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The City of S.F. is very “tolerant of the beingness of others”, in the words of a roommate I had. But I also know that it is VERY pricey to live there.

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