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What can I do to make this creditor to stop calling me?

Asked by Frenchfry (7579points) October 27th, 2010

They change their phone numbers constantly. Call me at all hours. It is about my Father’s funeral. My father prepaid his funeral. He passed away at my home not his . Now the funeral home , who never told me it would cost more, sent me a bill wants $247. My father did not have a estate. Really. He was not a rich man. I am not a rich woman. They bugging the hell out of me. Ever had a this problem? Creditors! I hate them.

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Is there no stalking or protection from harassment legislation you could use to make them stop?

Here in the UK, I would first write a polite letter explaining why I thought I wasn’t liable. If they persisted, I would write a similar letter for a second time. Further contact from them would result in a ‘put up or shut up’ letter, inviting them to take me to court. Any further correspondence outside of legal proceedings would then be reported to the authorities under the Protection from Harassment Act.

If they have a case and you do owe them money, it’s probably best to pay up.

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Not sure what the thing is here is the US. I certainly wish they would shutup. LOL That is a good idea. A letter might try that.

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There’s a law were you can request that they stop calling….. If they do they can be fined

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If these people are calling you at all hours they may be violating the law. They are only permitted to call between 8:00 am and 9:00 pm.

Here’s a basic overview of your rights regarding debt collection from the Federal Trade Commission’s website including information on how you go about getting a creditor to stop calling/contacting you.

Anyway, read this stuff over and give ‘em hell @Frenchfry.

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Is it possible your father signed away his Social Security death benefit payment to the funeral home? The amount is about what the Social Security payment is to spouse or child at time of death.
The telephone call maybe from a less than professional member of the funeral home. They MUST provide a document with amount, not just phone calls demanding payment, ASK for it.

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Call the State Attorney General’s office and report it! @Frenchfry google it and find the number!

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Whether he was a rich man or not, his debts need to be settled before any distribution of his assets are made. Did he have a will? Is there an administrator of his estate? Your first step is to find out what the charges are for, and you or the administrator/executor need to read the contract that your father signed for the prepaid funeral expenses to see what it says about extra charges.

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Are you legally responsible for this money? did you sign a paper stating you would pay any overage? are you your fathers POA? power of attorney? if the answer to any of the above is yes, then you are legally responsible for your fathers debt.

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Tell them to stop calling you. After that, they can no longer legally phone you. If they do, you can report them and they will (should) be fined.

Ask them to mail a statement to you detailing what the additional charges are for. It is perfectly acceptable to prefer doing business by mail with plenty of documentation.

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Get a phone that has a ”ringer off” switch.

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