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What do you do when you're about to take a test you know you'll fail?

Asked by awomanscorned (11261points) October 28th, 2010 from iPhone

I’m strangely at peace with this knowledge.

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Give it your best shot. Sometimes you surprise yourself by remembering more than you think. And sometimes a good guess isn’t a bad idea.

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I made a quick list of all the things I thought were going to be on the exam and stared at it until I was told to put everything away. With my allowable blank sheet of paper I immediately wrote down as much as I could and then I started the exam.

Never failed an exam with that method.

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@noelleptc Try it. You have nothing to lose. If you can try and tie some of the things you are trying to remember to a song. Your musical memory is separate from your regular memory.

Good luck :-)

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@noelleptc You could use a strap-on. Oh, right.

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“And it’s stupid dumb algebra”

Algebra is neither stupid nor dumb.

Perhaps you should study a bit harder? maybe spend a little less time on the Internet and more with your books- just saying

If it is truly difficult for you, or if you have a poor teacher, perhaps you should find a tutor.

Algebra is an essential subject if you intend to go to college.

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@noelleptc What grade are you in?

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If you’re walking into a test in which you have no idea how you’re going to handle the material, you have two options: cheat or make stuff up like your life depends on it.

Personally, I prefer to make stuff up, because I’m usually pretty good at it, and teachers write the most interesting reactions on my work.

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First, you may know more than you give yourself credit for. do not become overwhelmed at the test. do not read all the questions at one time. this will blow your mind and you might have a panic attack. read and answer only one question at a time. some people say that if you do not know the answer to one question, then skip it and go to another. i do not agree with this. many times i have forgotten to go back to the skipped question and made a lower grade.

In many tests, the answer is usually C. but not always. read the question carefully word for word and a second time, if you need to. mark something, if you do not know the answer. you might get lucky.

Read this answer over and over and abide by it when you take your test. keep cool and only one question at a time is the key. let us know what happens.

Remember, tests are normally based on common sense that we all have. keep this in mind.

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