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Ever met a man or woman that gave you the creep vibe and it turned out that had done something (molestation, sexual assault)

Asked by Jude (32134points) October 31st, 2010

We just watched the movie the BTK (bind, torture and kill) and the serial killer in the movie came off as your average neighbor, one who is married with two kids, but, gives you the creepy vibe.

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Wow. Yes and another time I’ll just go with my instincts.

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It’s hard to tell if someone has done something like that just from appearance or behavior. You definitely can’t judge a book by it’s cover when it comes to people. I never met a person who had a creepy vibe and was a creep. I have met scum before but they are usually good at hiding it. I don’t hang around scum so it’s rare that I meet people like that.

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My pastor . . . he taught my 8th-grade confirmation class, and he had this gross habit of silently panting for air between sentences by opening his mouth and slightly sticking his tongue out. Turns out he had tons of child porn on his computer and had molested some kids that he visited in juvenile detention.

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Strange! I was not directly involved, but I used to see a weirdo sitting at a seedy coffee shop outside with other creeps, laughing loudly, commenting on women going by and generally acting in a not so acceptable way. Anyway, not many people paid attention to them, but a while later I was informed that he was(maybe still is) a morgue guard. Well, this psycho used to be a necrophiliac and get rid of his freakish desires on deceased young ladies!!!!!!!!!! To be honest, when I heard it, I was not surprised. To make matters worse he has a family and acts like the nice family guy!

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This one creepy guy last year around halloween time creeped me out enough to call my brother and mom. It turned out he was a pedophile and cops were looking for him.

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I was taking a University class by correspondence and there was a prisoner at the local lock up who was taking the class and wanting a ‘study group’... so me and another woman volunteered to go together and the three of us would study together. He was creepy in a big way… but they said he was in minimum security and was only there for 6 months… so I figured… eh… can’t be serious…perhaps just check fraud or something. Me and the other lady got creeped out our first time there. She had contacts a the justice department and called me the following week. He was in there for child molestation. We never went back.

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From reading the answers here, I would say human beings will not be evolving without the little hairs on the back of our necks anytime soon.
When they stand up, we should all listen and leave.

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When I was 12 my school had a Christmas party. Well the guy who played Santa was well known throughout school. He donated his time and money to help the school out. Well the next day, his face was all over the news channels. He wasn’t who he claimed to be on top of that he killed the lady who lived in the house behind him.

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Yes. I called for IT service for my workplace computer, and this guy I’d never seen before came to my cubicle and did whatever had to be done. From the first glance I felt there was something unwholesome about him. His eyes, especially, gave me the creeps, just the way he looked at me, and a certain oddity about his movements that I can only describe as mechanical—a little bit jerky and slow, as if his battery were low.

He had long, stringy, greasy hair and a bad complexion, and he was markedly overweight. His smile chilled me. It wasn’t a friendly smile. Rather, it seemed forced, like learned behavior not quite mastered.

After he left I told my manager that I did not want him in my cubicle ever again.

A couple of weeks later, my manager told me, “You don’t have to worry about that guy coming back. He’s been fired.” It seems that during a routine check, the nighttime security guard had found him in the women’s bathroom in our building, undressed, and all the walls and floor were wet. That’s all I know.

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I was in an Antioch tile shop four or so years ago, and this old, frail guy walked in with 2 little girls, who he said were his daughters. He introduced them to the store owner, and I had the oddest feeling about him. He looked at me, and said: “I don’t know you!” as if I had spoken to him. Creeped me out.
Yup. Last year he was in all the papers. Phillip Garrido, who kidnapped and raped Jayce Dugard. Those girls were their daughters.

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Yes.There have been a few times that has happened and my gut feeling about people is usually dead-on.Growing up,I lived next to a pedophile for a few years.That man gave off a vibe that even a kid could pick up on.

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My parents were guardians of a teenaged boy. His father came to their house a few times. He totally gave me the creeps. Turns out… he had been diagnosed with schizophrenia, he had a history of beating his wife, he later forced her to have sex with his son and he ended up killing her, her friend who was helping her move out, and himself.

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@Cupcakeoh my god. ::shudders::

Yes, I have come across people who give me the creeps for legitimate reasons, mostly when I was in high school. They would end up having to transferring schools or get expelled, or get in trouble for behaving in anti-social ways. And it’s as @Jeruba says, they’d behave as if they haven’t quite mastered being relatably human, something was off about their mien.

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Yes quite a few times. I tend to be an amazingly good judge of character on first impressions.

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