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What are recent international issues I could use for my essay?

Asked by Vincentt (8094points) February 13th, 2008

There’s this essay I have to write about some recent international issue, but I’m at a loss for inspiration regarding the subject (I was leaning towards the European Union but I couldn’t think of a specific subject). Just shout whatever you can think of so I can see what topics match my interest :)
(Btw, it can also be about crime, education, poverty and welfare or some other things, as long as it applies to English-speaking countries and is doable for me. It’s just that international issues probably suit me best.)


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Why not take a look to the russian election scheduled on 2 March ? You can talk about all the mess and rights violation during the begins of campaigns (e.g. Bogdanov detention)

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Assassination of Benazir Bhutto? The way she ran Pakistan as opposed to Sharif or Musharraf?

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* European Union censorship/illegality of its subjects speaking out against the EU.

* Enforcement/effectiveness of international fishing and whaling agreements on preventing extinction of once-abundant populations and food supplies.

* International corporations becoming players on the world political stage.

* Food and pharmaceutical corporations providing food/medical aid to desperate countries, in exchange for “intellectual property rights” and “ownership” of species including the right to use and store seed for traditional crops.

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You can talk about the terrible repercussions of rubies. A gem that has slipped past the radar in the diamond’s shadow. Here’s a little paragraph talking about the issues:

Valley of Rubies – Wikipedia

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I’m a little confused “as long as it applies to English-speaking countries” is that what you really meant to say.

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@ironhiway – yes, that was one of the requirements. For example, I could easily write a lot about Dutch politician Geert Wilders, but as there is hardly any relation to any English speak country that’s not allowed.

Thanks for the answers everybody, for now I’ve settled on net neutrality (which I found when I was looking at “International corporations becoming players on the world political stage”), but I haven’t started yet so I’m still open to suggestions ;-)

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That sounds like an excellent topic, Vincentt. One interesting thing is how the US congress has been discussing possibly legislating it.

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How about the fact that net neutrality is subject to US and not international law (as the US retains control of the key infrastructure) ??

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@aaron – that’s an idea :)
(Yes I’m way too lazy, it should’ve been finished long ago and I still haven’t :P)

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Though I’m not too satisfied with the quality, I just thought I’d post the article online, and then I remembered this question. So, if anyone’s interested: The internet is breaking.

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Thanks for sharing that Vincentt!

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The Olympics and how Russia and has impacted the games after trying to start a worthless war over territory.

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If I’d had to write it now I’d definitely write about the Russia-Georgia issue (what are those Russians thinking?), but I’ve finished high school now :)

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How about the very successful President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief?

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