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Do you like block scheduling in high school that is?

Asked by Aesthetic_Mess (7887points) November 2nd, 2010

Do you think it’s a good idea to have let’s say for example:

One semester:

Second Semester:
Earth Science

Do you think that is a good idea not to have all your major subjects every day?

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I liked block scheduling in high school. It game me more time to complete my homework and meant that I didn’t have to see the teachers I didn’t like every day.

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i had block scheduling in high school and enjoyed it because i enjoyed most of my classes but if i didn’t like a class then it sucked because you were there for an hour and a half every day. but also it was less homework because you didnt have 8 classes at once. im a fan.

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I liked it in high school. We also had “A” and “B” days where we took 8–10 classes every year, but only 4 a day, alternating A day and B day. And then some of the classes would change the next semester (some were year long, and some semester long) I really enjoyed this because it kept every day from being so monotonous. And we could also do more things during class.

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I only got to experience it for one year (and then we moved). But I liked it. We had “Lab days” on W/Th (Where W had periods 1, 3 and 5, and Th had periods 2, 4 and 6).
I was (and still am) the kind of kid who enjoys learning and school, so I really hated normal days because half of the class time was spent waiting for kids to get into their seats, waiting for them to shut up, waiting for them to get their notebooks out, waiting for the teacher to pass back old tests/homework. I always felt like so little time was actually spent on the lessons.
With lab days, we had twice the amount of time, so all that transitional time was a smaller portion of the whole.
In science classes especially, it gave us more opportunities to do better experiments.

It was a better learning experience all around. In college, I have continued this habit. I’ve done my best to pick classes that meet twice per week, with long meeting times, as opposed to picking classes that meet 3+ times per week, for only an hour at a time.
The only class that I have picked, in three years, which meets more than 2 times per week is the Statistics class I’m taking now.

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I am in the process of enjoying it.

Last year, though, I was in the pre-IB diploma lineup, so my core classes existed simultaneously, on alternating days, while electives repeated daily for one half of the year. I’m in the top program that isn’t IB-directed now, so I have 4 classes for the semester, not 6, and that makes it easier for me to know what I need to get done, since I only have to keep track of 4 classes, two of which are electives which are often either busywork or very little work.

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@sarcasm, I only experienced it for one year myself, my senior year. I don’t remember the exact order, but I had senior English, guidance, and some other stuff.

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