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Should I go back to College and get my Masters?

Asked by CreativeDreamers (65points) December 2nd, 2016

Was thinking about going back to college for my masters degree. However I want to go away and dorm. I went to a local community college for my bachelors. City tech which is in Brooklyn. Even thou its a community college our Graphic Design program was just as good as Pratt and NYU.

Never really got to live the college experience. I want to before it is too late. I am 27 which is still pretty young. Was wondering if it’s worth going away instead of staying local for my masters.

I still live with my parents so I think this would be a good way to be more independent and learn to be on my own. Plus with my job experience in design. Might be easier to get a job away from NYC.

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I need to ask you a couple of questions:

1) is getting the Masters degree just a means of getting away from living with your parents, or is it a means to better job in the future?

2) If you move out of the house, so you have ample income to pay for rent and food and car expenses, etc.? Would you have to have a job as well as going to school? When would you study?

2a) How will you afford tuition? That plays into the $$ question above.

3) What’s your field? If your masters would be in Art History, for example, the employment opportunities you have would be fairly minimal. If you’re planning to study Industrial Design, then there’s more of a monetary rationale for doing this.

You can move out of their house is something you can do today, even without going for a Masters.

So – what’s the reason for the Masters degree?

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When I got my M.S., I lived in a dorm for graduate students. I wanted to keep things simple and not be bothered with an apartment lease. The experience was fun, but it wasn’t anything like going away to college at age 18. When people are older and have life experiences, they’re more mature and far different from their teenage selves.

I’m not trying to discourage you. What I’m saying is that you can’t replicate the on-campus experience you would have had right out of high school, living with a huge group of people who are all at the same point in life. But, that isn’t to say that a graduate-school dorm can’t be fun and a nice place to meet some new friends.

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You are too old for the “after high school college experience.” Save your money and live in a cheap apartment near campus.

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@elbanditoroso Thanks for the response. 1) its means getting a better future mostly. There are jobs that are higher paying that require a higher degree then what i have now. Also need to be independent more. 2) I am planning to get a job upstate. I have a few friends who have gotten better jobs there. Plus the cost of living is cheaper than the city. 3) I study Graphic Design, I want a higher degree since it would open more windows to a better jobs which require certain degrees.
4) Getting a degree offers more opportunities to higher paying jobs.

@Love_my_doggie Thanks for the response. I want to go away to also gain a bit of independence. If I get my masters in NYC I would still have to stay with my parents since apartments are really expensive here. I have been living life save all my life, going away would be better since I can get a cheap apartment off campus while working and going to school at the same time.

@MollyMcGuire Thanks for the response. That’s what I plan on doing. Would be a better option. Thank you.

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