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Do you nap?

Asked by awomanscorned (11261points) November 4th, 2010 from iPhone

I would nap everyday if I could

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No, as an adult I’ve probably only napped two times. I just don’t do it, no matter how tired I could be during the day. When I have napped, I always wake up feeling worse.

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Oh how I wish!

(I almost fall asleep at my desk just about every day)

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OH now look! You’ve gone and made me yawn.

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But I’m trying to stay away from Starbucks.

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i work most of the day so when i get home at 1030 or so i have these high hopes that i can either stay up and enjoy the night a little bit OR take a nap for a half hour or so and then wake up and have a few hours to do stuff…....10/10 times though i just fall asleep permanently, with my clothes and all the lights in the house on. its very annoying. so no. i never nap. :(

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Yes, I love to nap!

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I find I can only nap if I’m not on a deadline. If I take a short nap where I have to force myself to get up at a certain time, I end up feeling groggy afterward. If I take a nap where I wake naturally, it’s okay.

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Very, very often. I have to. With my workload, I typically only get 3 or 4 hours of sleep a night and I need to make it up sometime.

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very rarely do I ever nap, it always sounds like a good idea in the morning but come the evening I’m ready to go again. But I’m with @erichw1504 on this one, if I do nap, I just wake up feeling worse and in this “funk”; all I wanna do is goto bed.

The only times I do nap is when I’m extremely hung over, and have had like 3 hours sleep.

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I always feel more tired after a nap. They never help me. I do better if I drink tons of coffee, then go to bed early.

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No. I wish I could , I’d love it but I can’t relax that much.

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I often nap on days I am not working although, I have to admit that, sometimes they make me feel worse.

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Naps are one of life’s great pleasures. I only wish I had more time to take them.

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I’m not a napper. Not anymore, at least. When I was younger, I was capable of this, but now I find it very difficult to fall asleep at odd hours of the day. My boyfriend can still do it, sometimes I’m kind of jealous… :P

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This study found naps lower heart-related deaths. And just heard more info from another source that collaborates the results. To nap or not to nap, that is the question.

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I have a couch in my office.

Connect the dots.

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@noelleptc Must be that whole Slythren control thing… ;)

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The only sleep I get is naps. I can’t sleep for more than two or three hours at a time.

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Anything that keeps us healthy.

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When I have a desire to nap during the daytime it’s a sure sign that I’m ill.

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I nap every day. At night I don’t get more than 3–4 hours sleep, so it’s necessary. Naps are good.

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Other than a short stint in the teen years, everyone in our family are nappers. You should see Mom’s house Christmas afternoon. 15 family members crash on beds, sofas, and the floor. It almost looks like some sort of mass suicide pact carried out.

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Very, very seldom. I usually don’t sit still long enough doing nothing to actually be really motivated to take a nap, even though i may be tired. But sometimes an afternoon nap is really fun. :) On a lazy weekend, when i’m not much in the mood to do anything else and happen to be tired, i’ll lie down and start reading a book until i doze off for a short nap.

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Oh do I! Although since I lost weight a couple of years ago, I find that I have less of a napping urge. But if I got up early or didn’t sleep well, I’m all about a nap!

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In the past, a nap would have ruined the rest of my day. I’d feel groggy and useless. Within the last year or so, I can sit right down and fall asleep… guiltlessly, shamelessly, and perfectly.

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Every chance I get…

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I could sleep thru World War Three, are you kidding? Went camping last week, busy time. Was up by seven, had breakfast, and was back in bed by seven thirty.

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