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Why do cats sleep on paper?

Asked by angus (27points) November 8th, 2006
I've always wondered this; given the choice, every cat I've owned has chosen to lie down on a piece of paper. Is it something about the texture?
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I think it's because you're usually trying to read something on the piece of paper, meaning you're not paying attention to the cat, which is obviously unacceptable.
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I think they think they're gaurding something important. You never know, it might suddenly fly away.
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most likely the warmth from cats would rather use it instead of there litter boxes

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GRIM perferrs Cardboard – especially Dominos Large Pizza box with a warm pizza inside.

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What do homless people sleep on paper ??? Ask a homless guy they might know

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I think how it holds warmth. At one time, newspaper was used in walls as insulation.

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Because there are no pillows or blankets around??

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Because it’s there where they want to sleep?

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Paper is a good insulator.

Also, cats like to sit in boxes and on squares :)

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