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Why do page numbers no longer work for me in Word 2010?

Asked by Rubrica (613points) November 4th, 2010

So, I was happily writing along for National Novel Writing Month and had just hit the 5000 words mark. I started a new chapter, and bam! None of the page numbers show up any more! Where they ued to be, there is just a blank space! I had them formatted so that they went “Chapter-Page” so that if page 20 was part of chapter 3 it would say “3–20” for example. In my table of contents, it shows each chapter as starting on “1–0” and “2–0”. Does anyone know what I can do to help with this? Thanks.

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Could you possibly have put in a Section break some place and forgotten to make it continuous or new, as the case may be?

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I’m afraid not; the only section breaks are before chapters. The first chapter is new, and the rest are continuous – assuming, by those terms, you’re referring to the footers.

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Did you change your heading style so that the page numbers are no longer linked? I tried setting page numbering in Word as you described, and got a pop-up that says To apply chapter numbers use the Bullets and Numbering command on the Format menu and select a multilevel list style that is linked to the Heading styles.

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Hit the “Undo” button and see what happens?

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I’ve already used a multilevel list, @BarnacleBill.

And I’m 5000 words past the point where it failed; undo will fail, I’ve tryed. :D Thanks, though, @janbb.

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