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Does the USB symbol look like a little crop circle to you?

Asked by iSteve (1154points) April 4th, 2008

Because it’s always looked like one to me and I’ve always wondered if I’m the only one who thought so. I realize this is hardly intelectual but I just have to ask…

So here’s my big moment!

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Now you’ve really lost it :P

Actually, it never did, but now you mentioned it, it probably will from now on…

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LOL that is awesome !!!!

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They’re here.
Yeah, I didn’t immediately think “crop circle”, but I definitely thought it looked strange.

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Thanks for the visual aid link Vincentt!!!

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no. but a switchbalde had been ingrained in my head.

came off an article about the dangers of USB thumb drives.

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now that you mention it… Yes!

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It’s a Photoshop exercise waiting to happen.

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i worked at the computer help desk in college, and a girl came in once and asked whether her old PS2 keyboard would work with her new imac. i said “no, you need a USB keyboard” she asked which was the USB port. i started to describe it and then she said “oh! the one with the cactus icon! of course!”

this was david mamet’s daughter.

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LOL your a nut!

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Now that u mention it…

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I never thought of it like that, but now….Maybe so

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Not to me. It’s too irregular and not attractive.

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