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How do you get rid of a stomach apron?

Asked by dubsrayboo (2567points) November 16th, 2010

A stomach apron is a flab of skin and fat that hangs over your hip line. At least mine does.

I have a good sized stomach apron from both medications that caused extreme weight gain and having children. I’m off those medications now and my children are older, yet I can’t seem to loose this apron.

I’ve been told that the only way to get rid of it is to have it surgically removed. I want to know if there are any other ways to get rid of this apron before I do something so invasive.

Any comments will help. Thanks!

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A lot of it is laser these days and much less invasive. But you will have to remove some of the skin flap, a seam along the joining of groin and thigh would not look bad.

Age is also a factor. If you are younger than 40, your skin has more elasticity and has some chance of partially contracting on its own if the underlying fat is gone. The older you are the less elasticity skin has.

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Exercise and proper diet

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@anartist I read a little bit on the laser surgery a few weeks ago and it seems that it doesn’t work as well as the hype is leading the public to believe. If surgery is the way to go, get a qualified plastic surgeon and do research before going into any procedure.

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It really depends on whether it’s caused by weight alone or excess skin stretched from previous weight gain. You can’t really exercise skin away…so surgery would be the only option. And if the weight gain is caused by meds, and it will continue and you need to continue the regiment, surgery would be the main way to reduce the problem.

Diet and exercise sound like they’ve already been attempted. If a doctor has advised you that surgery is the way to go, and it really bothers you to have it, I wouldn’t resist the option. Just as @chyna says – make sure you have researched the surgeon as well as the surgery.

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surgery. that’s it

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Like @iamthemob says, you can’t exercise skin away, but you can exercise fat away. If there’s no fat on the skin, it should be very thin. If you still have some excess fat, a diet and exercise regimen will reduce it. Skin will tighten with more muscle tone (lower abdominal workouts), but the amount it does so will decrease with age.

I suggest you try living a healthy lifestyle to see if you can reduce it at all, then consider a surgery if you are not happy with the results.

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