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Is there anything in the product 5-hour Energy that would cause a urine drug test to come up positive?

Asked by deepseas72 (1076points) April 4th, 2008
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To the best of my knowledge 5 hour energy is just B12 and some other vitamins and minerals so i would say no.

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I doubt it. Otherwise they wouldn’t be able to seel it as freely as they do. They wouldn’t be able to make it available to kids if they was any type of drug in it.

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@scamp i don’t think hes necessarily implying that theres actual drugs in there. Just something that may give a false positive.

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Thanks but I knew that. I’m just saying if there was something strong enough to show up on a drug test it wouldn’t be available to kids, IE the reason why you can’t buy a lot of cold medicines these days. Because the ingredients can be used for the wrong purposes. I can’t buy certain sinus medicines at the grocery store without going through certain procedures.

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But these certain medicines you talk about have actual drugs in them that will have noticeable effects. And most of them such as DXM in robotussin wont show up on a drug test anyway. I was thinking more on the lines of something thats commonly available to everyone like a poppyseed bagel. Innocent enough, but youll still fail your test after eating one.

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Im a nurse and I did some off my own testing and after i had a 5 hour shot my urine test came up positive for PCP with 2 test, so yall do the math!!!

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