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Do you, like me, feel as though jellies are like family?

Asked by Jude (32112points) November 18th, 2010

I swear, you all know more about me than most people in my family and friends. I feel comfortable opening up to you all and love you guys/girls so much!

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Yeah – like the polymorphous disembodied online family I never had!

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Yeah, there’s a group in here I trust and feel like they’re a lot like family to me.

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I tried so hard to keep a sense of perspective here when I joined… Damn you all for roping me in and making me care about you and what you think about me! (At least you don’t mind if I don’t brush my teeth before Fluthering!)

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No. My family sucks. Some flutherites are closer to me than family. They are my family by choice, not biology.

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You’re like family to me, r.

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^What @psychocandy said. A lot of the people I’ve met here are so much more to me than my family.

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Weird how I care for you guys/girls, yet, I’ve never met you.

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Pretty much.

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I agree. Sometimes Fluther substitutes for real life friends and family. I really care about what happens here and what is said.

I follow people’s ups and downs.

I love a bunch of the people on here, and I like a whole bunch more a lot.

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Yea, it’s pretty tight-knit. Never been on an answer site like it before, where the answerers all communicated with each other. It’s nice.

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Fluther knows more about me than my parents do, but I don’t necessarily feel closer to anyone here than I do with them because…well…I’ve known them for 22 years. :P
Except for @lucillelucillelucille. She’s definitely like family and I feel closer to her than I do with my mom.
As for the rest of my family? Um yeah, fuck them. I’d much rather hang around here and talk with old friends and make new. I definitely feel like I have some close friends on here.

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I have a soft spot in my heart for a few jellies.

One of them was(is) pd. I miss him! He was like a wise Papa.

I love those who speak their mind and are compassionate/genuine.

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How many of you guys are thinking this question over and doing some self psychoanalyzing?

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^^^^^^ What @janbb said only in American, LOL

@Adirondackwannabe when I think like that I get a headache.

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Yes. So many of you feel like brothers and sisters to me. Please just don’t tackle me and fart in my face like by real family will do. :)

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@jonsblond Well, now that you said it, how can I not? C’mere, you! ~

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Only as long as I state politically correct answers, or avoid certain questions all together. This is a great place to get flamed. In my opinion, family does not include being flamed.

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I’ll be the gay uncle.

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ooh. Tough room… @snowberry : In my family, it does include getting flamed and walking away isn’t always an option. I’m generally treated better here.
@hawaii_jake ; You’re on!

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Can I be the big Italian uncle with the booming voice?

c’mere, give me a bear hug

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Some people on here I care about. Some people on here I wouldn’t want to meet much less care about. I have had some heated arguments on here becouse some people on here think that they were put on earth to tell others how to live and think. The ones I care about are the reason I get on here every day.

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@cprevite : As long as you don’t shout, “Pull my finger!”

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@hawaii_jake I’d love to have you as the gay uncle.

@cprevite C’mere and have a cookie, Unk. I baked them last night.

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Who was @FlutherPie and why did they delete their account? I am assuming that they joined to answer this question.

It’s like “Lost”. A mystery.

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I’ll be the big party pooper and say no. :\

I love you guys to pieces, but I don’t feel like I have formed any close relationships with anyone in particular while here. If anything, now that I’ve had a chance to think about it, I’m kind of sad. I really do adore you all though.

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@mama_cakes : Just a suspicion, but I think flutherpie is one of many incarnations of someone who is no longer welcome here, and keeps coming back to annoy the mods.

ANef_is_Enuf's avatar

What Jill said.

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@JilltheTooth Well, that’s just sad.

JilltheTooth's avatar

Yeah, I think so, too…

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He just misses everyone.

Jude's avatar

Aw, I didn’t know that he left (I just now figured out who y’all were talking about). When did that happen?? I miss him, too.

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There’s definitely a cyber-bond!

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I’m sure there are people on here that wishes I would leave and never come back. LOL

Aethelwine's avatar

@Mikewlf337 nah, lets go hunting! ;)

JilltheTooth's avatar

@Mikewlf337 : You’re safe for awhile, at least one of them is still over there duking it out with someone.

Mikewlf337's avatar

mostly it’s 2 members who don’t want to hear different viewpoints. 1 of them being the most arrogant and self righteous I have ever seen on fluther. LOL I wont mention names because I don’t want to get in trouble with the mods.

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I think they’re going for the “most unintelligible rhetoric on a single thread” award. The Tangled Tentacle Badge, perhaps?

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@JilltheTooth : I like that idea for a new badge.

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The award badge would be “in conjunction with camouflaged jelly tentacles” the MOST invisible Jelly or ex-Jelly.

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I consider fluther itself more like a salon, old school 19th century style.

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@ragingloli is the Big sis who likes to beat up her younger siblings, ha!

I lurve ragingloli.

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@JilltheTooth The “I must get in the last word badge” ;)

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Fluther is more like the bond that is formed between a group of people who spend time together in a controlled environment. We share stories about our past and our hopes that those that are close to us may not know. We learn to adimre, appreciate, and respect each other, even though there are differences in perspectives and personalities.

We learn from each other. Some of this comes from not tip-toeing around the subject or feeling safe to say what one feels need to be said. We often cannot or will not do this with our loved ones for a variety of reasons. When in an environment where we feel comfortable to talk about inner feelings and have them accepted, it is bound to create a bond.

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@ JilltheTooth I gave up being abused years ago. I stopped tolerating it from family members and they learned to love and respect me as a result.

Sometimes I wonder why I’m still here, but I have managed to make a few friends, which is nice.

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as long as I get to be the black sheep… then sure, family.

can anybody lend me a fifty till next Tuesday?

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Yes, I would tend to agree with you that Jellies are like family. In an online kind of way.

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What @psychocandy said. My real family sucks. You guys are way better.

You guys know way more about me than my family, but I gave up a long time ago the whole trying to be seen and understood thing, with them. You guys may know as much, or more, about me than those who have taken the upper-division course in me (otherwise known as the people who have dated me).

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There are jellies I adore more than I adore many of my family members (you know who you are so I am not naming names). There are folks here I am more willing to confide in than many folks who are related to me by blood or marriage.

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Kind of. I consider all jellies in general like a family to me, but not any specific jellies.

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Sure it’s like family – some people I like and am close to, some people I am continuously annoyed with.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir wanna be continously annoyed? Try Answerbag! XD

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@Mikewlf337 You know, I’ve heard it sucks lately – I am not looking to expand on my question site visitation – Fluther already takes up so much time and it’s funny, I am monogamous when I’m on a site – when it was, it was just…now that I’m on fluther, it’s just fluther.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir it’s even worse now that all the good people left. Most of them are here and I couldn’t be happier with fluther. So much better site with the majority of members here being respectful most of the time.

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@Mikewlf337 It’s the moderation, not the people – people, if they could, would be much more insulting than they’ve been trained to be on Fluther but this is a positive.

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I like that we’re supposed to play nice here. I’m little and I don’t want to get picked on. ;-)

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@JilltheTooth Yeah yeah, I think you’re not as little as you let on, strength-wise but I’ll keep your secret, :)

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir: Oh, fragile flower, me! Every now and then I like to get away from my “tough bitch” image. How’m I doing?

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Naw, I’m not buying it either.

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I definately feel like this is a family thing. I tell you guys WAY too much about my personal life. You guys are my diary…

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@Fred931 You owe me money, dude!!

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I just came back from a 30 minute run. I feel great!

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@Vunessuh -:)
@mama_cakes-You just motivated me to work out—I was going to blow it off- :_)

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@lucillelucillelucille Get your butt movin’, girl. :)

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It used to feel more family-like to me. :(

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Well, maybe not like family, but I do have some damn fine friends on here.

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Here’s my hug @mama_cakes {{{{{{0}}}}}}

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D’awwwww! :::HUGS::: :D

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