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How should scholarship essays be written?

Asked by Palindrome (1074points) November 20th, 2010

Like what format should I use for scholarship essays in general? (narrative/story like, persuasive, etc.)? Or does it just depend on the question?

If you would like to see the prompts, the following are my prompts:
1. Describe one specific example of your leadership ability.
2. Why should you be considered for a Texas Exes scholarship?
3. (Terry Scholarship Applicants: Use this essay to discuss an experience demonstrating your leadership outside the classroom.) Describe a significant setback, challenge or opportunity in your life and the impact that it has had on you.
4. Describe how you have demonstrated excellence in leadership and community service, or explain how you are determined to do so while at The University of Texas at Austin.
5. Describe evidence of how you have experienced socioeconomic adversity.

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Whichever format you’re most comfortable with.

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Write in a way that both showcases your ability to write well, and answers the questions in a thoughtful and demonstrative manner, without being too wordy. Make sure you answer the question asked in the prompt.

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Follow the guidance of the prompts precisely. They tell you what they are looking for.

Use narrative.

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You shouldn’t use the word “like” in the beginning of your sentences.

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As for what to include, that depends on what the application asks for. The most common question is “What are your goals and how will this scholarship achieve them?” For that one, you would talk about what you want to study and why, what you’ve done so far to work toward your goals, why you want to attend the college you’ve chosen, and what you intend to do after their money helps you graduate

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