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Your favorite airline?

Asked by mrlaconic (3980points) November 22nd, 2010

Once you get past security who has given you the best in flight experience? I generally fly alaska because I get free baggage…but thats not really a perk for me Midwest express used to serve warm chocolate chip cookies but I dont know if they still do…but if they do it would make the trouble more tollerable.

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You can’t beat the price.

I love the seating arrangements.

I think their staff are very good.

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British airways gave me the best service I have had, but considering the price, easyjet is my airline of choice. No meal, no movie, only 20 kilos worth of luggage allowance, but they get me there for $30.

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Alaska Airlines comes first with their service and perks. they still operate like it use to be.

Southwest Airlines comes second. the price is right and the drinks are affordable.

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I fly United often enough that they treat me like a real person. But my heart will always be with Frontier.


Cathay Pacific. Spacious, comfortable, and well-designed. Passengers also get free souvenirs/nic-nacs onboard, and the stewardesses not only give great service, but are usually very attractive too (wink).

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Another vote for Southwest, since they make jokes.

I like Aer Lingus for transatlantic flights: mini TVs for everyone, everything’s a nice shade of green.

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Midwest Airlines….hands down the best flight you will ever have! Mexicana first class is pretty special too!

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I love Southwest. They always seem to be cheapest, I like picking my own seat, and I’ve never met an unfriendly attendant. I like the funny Indian pilots I always tend to get too, but that could be a coincidence.

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If I was a little person it would be Emirates. The coach food is so good (and if you somehow get business or first class-WHOOO boy!). Unfortunately, last time I few with them I called ahead telling them giant man needed plenty of seat room and I got stuck in tiny spaces. In-air crew said they would complain and I should too…Complaint got me sarcastic “I’m sorry, but your shit out of luck with your leg problems” responses.

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Qantas, of course…...

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Virgin. Great for first time flyers ;¬}

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Any of the Asian airlines. The flight attendents are polite and they actually try to make the passengers comfortable. Unlike the US airlines, they treat you like a paying customer rather than a head of cattle.

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Singapore Airlines. And I’m NOT being biased. Anyone who has ever taken Singapore Airlines will know.

Next up is ANA (Japanese airline). @rts486 is completely right – Asian airlines treat you like a customer, US airlines treat you like an inconvenience.

If I had to pick a US airline, I would pick United.

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From the 6 I’ve tried – Lufthansa stands on top.

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If I’m paying: Southwest… business expense: United

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I haven’t travelled on many airlines but Aer Lingus had the best food.

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