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I have booked 3 flight tickets (domestic US) all together and got one confirmation number. So, if I check in online, will I get the seats together?

Asked by Dexter (13points) July 7th, 2021

Which way should be better so that all three of us could sit together, online check-in or checking at the airport. And do I need my passport or my Driver License is enough for domestic US trip ?

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Online check-in is better to try and secure seats together. That said, I’ve never met an airline that didn’t try to find a way to weasel out of it. The majority of times I fly, I end up swapping seats with someone to sit with my family.

You will need an approved ID to fly domestically. Generally, a driver’s license is not enough, unless it is an enhanced type

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As soon as you can, and certainly before you check in, try to use the airline’s web site to select specific seats. And/or phone the airline and see if they will arrange for you to have seat assignments together. You want to do that as soon as possible, as with many airlines, most of the seating is determined by who selects it first.

TSA was going to start requiring “Real ID”, an insultingly-branded thing that does come on recent drivers’ licenses, but you’d need to check whether your specific license counts or not. It’s only required for domestic fliers if they are age 18 or more. However, they backed off, at least temporarily, and now say they’re planning to require that starting on May 3, 2023.

See the TSA’s web site about it, for example at

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You do not need to show a passport to fly domestically, but you may use it as your valid form of ID. Otherwise a driver’s license will be fine. You do not need a “real ID” license until 2023. I am flying from California to Wisconsin tomorrow; all I have is my driver’s license. It will be fine.

I selected my seat on Delta’s website (entering in my confirmation number first). That is the best way to choose the seats you want.

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Checking in at the airport is actually the worst thing you can do, because by then all the seats will have been reserved.

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Some US airlines now charge you if you want to select a seat. Best to contact your airline directly – if you can get through!

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@Demosthenes Have a safe flight!

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I guess it’s only right that I acknowledge my wrongness. Like everyone says, the real ID requirement isnt in effect yet.

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