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How extensive is your music collection?

Asked by sccrowell (3508points) April 5th, 2008 from iPhone

I believe my b/f has the largest music library! This excludes anyone in music /radio industry.

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Sorry, meant to say, Heavy metal, Punk etc…

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My current music library is somewhere just above 26000 songs. There is much more ive been meaning to download but havent been able to get around to it because my computer is dead so im on a borrowed one.

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I have 6000 songs on my iPod, all purchased by me, none borrowed. Other media: 600+ Cds, about 300 cassettes and only about 100 vinyls left of what was an extensive vinyl collection. Is this even comparable?

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I keep my digital media collection on the low.

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I only have a bit of music (2000 songs) because I can’t afford to buy all the stuff I want.

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25,000 songs, 250 videos

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i have around 320ish albums but have not taken the time to sit down and put them all on the computer/ipod…they range from classical to old school hip hop and country to daft punk and gogol bordello…a little tast of everything!

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Around 2209 songs, 12.45 GB worth.

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An hour ago 0, before that, enough to cry about losing. Luckily some people in this site helped me out.

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Perhaps I was mistaken, @whatthefluther! @uberbatman has 26000 songs, or was that a typo?

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Heh nope no typo. I like my music ^_^

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LOL…. Ya know I had to ask! I really don’t like being wrong!!

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HATS OFF TO…. UberBatman, With his 26000 (probably +) collection! Whew!!!!

Aaah, Mr. Uber?
Do ya think that there is a correlation between your PC & music library? <grin>

@Bsilver, I must say, pretty impressive

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@sccrowell hahah what are you talking about all of my music was legally bought on cd….... ok who am i kidding i heart bit torrent.

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I have just over a terabyte, ranging from (excluding classical) about 1870-present day including Swedish death metal, traditional Japanese music, Aborignal tribal music, anything rock, Buddhist chants, and South American tribal music. Gotta love those flutes.

The majority is in American classic rock. And American folk.
It didn’t hurt that my mom used to work for Alan Lomax

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