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Do you think modern architecture is cold and impersonal?

Asked by Aesthetic_Mess (7892points) November 24th, 2010

Buildings like these

Some argue that they are too modern and cold and impersonal, and show no real talent for architecture because ‘anyone’ can slap glass on a building.

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It is not my favorite.

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YESSSSS!!!!!! OMG, I hate it soooooooooo much. You can take your avant-garde and shove it up your ass, you pretentious, talentless hack! Oooo, it’s an uncommon geometric shape, I should create a building with it, even if it’s totally ineffective and ugly and fails to create any kind of mood at all!

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No not at all. Almost every one of those building in your link has made brilliant use of light and form to where the person inside and out can have a visual union with open space and light compared to the dark monoliths of days gone by. Step inside almost anyone of those buildings and I would be surprised if your were not awestruck by is design and visual impact.

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There are some hideous erections out there. It’s like being at a geriatric nudist camp for goodness sake.

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Yes,I do.
My favorite architects are Greene and Greene

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I think it’s unfair to judge these buildings only by their visage. Still, even limiting your opinion to that I would disagree. Modern architecture is fascinating and there are so many more potentials for variagation than there ever were before.

But modern art does suck. No argument there.

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And that’s coming from me, a fan of art deco, the original cold architecture.

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Some, but I’ve seen some surprisingly good examples around town lately.

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