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How do I repair a book binding?

Asked by MyNewtBoobs (19003points) November 24th, 2010

I just purchased a book that, as far as I can tell, was made before I was born. This is a) totally cool and b) problematic, as about five minutes into reading this book, half the pages fell off of the binding in the way that old books do. Any quick fixes? I’d like to fix this copy if possible instead of getting a new one.

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DIY Bookbinding Instructions. You will need some supplies too.

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With the instructions above, any good old-school librarian can also probably walk you through the process.

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@marinelife That site’s just a bunch of links to other sites selling guides to book bindings.

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@papayalily The links lead to actual tutorials and video how-tos.

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I found this on Wikihow; seems pretty easy, but time-consuming.
This site seems to have pretty detailed instructions.

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Japanese Stab Stitch is supposed to be useful for repairing books.

I’ve only ever used it to make my own books, but here’s what my experience has been. It’s fast, the fastest book binding stitch I use, but when you’re dealing with a lot of pages, you have to be careful not to make it too tight. It works poorly with hardback books, if you’re including the cover in the stitch. When I have used it to make a hardback book, I bind the pages with stab stitch, but glue them into the spine. The other thing is that it might be tricky for repairing a book if the book doesn’t have much of a margin. Japanese stab stitch eats up a good deal of paper near the margins because of the way all the pages are bound together.

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