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Where can I download videos (kind of like google video) that's NOT a P2P network.

Asked by jdogg (871points) April 5th, 2008

I NEED videos.

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What kind of videos?

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Do you care if it is illegal or not? And what do you define as a P2P network? Would you count user-uploaded http/ftp download links as a p2p network?

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bit torrent, but thats sorts like p2p. And bit torrent itself isn’t illegal, just the things people upload ;)
oh, and there are also plenty of sites that let you download bids off youtube and sites like youtube, and firefox plugins that can do it too.

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Alot of television networks stream their shows on demand from their sites, some in HD.

Also check out a great application called “Joost”. Amazing.

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i would like for the website or program to be 100% legal

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Were you not paying attention? I just gave to a ton in my original post. Here, I’ll hold your hand through it.

Download Joost

ABC Streaming
NBC Streaming
FOX on Demand

You get the idea.

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@ Spargett

i think he just didn’t kno that joost was legal and stuff.but yeah..those are some pretty good links

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